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Battlestations: Pacific

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 31 - 2009

This is the second game in the series from Eidos. The game offers both strategy and action on a grand scale within a World War 2 backdrop. Play as either the American or Japanese faction, and then rule the sea and sky with a myriad of different units. Take to the sky in one of the authentic WW2 planes, control a massive warship or sneak around underwater in a submarine. Plan your strategy and then launch your attack and take control of any of the available units during the campaign.


This game is really not my thing but in the interests of science (probably?!?!) I decided to take gamepad in hand and give it a try. The idea is that you are given control of an army of planes, ships and subs and you must defeat the other force in a number of interesting scenarios. So you choose a plane and fly it. That’s a problem. I can’t fly. My team mates used to take bets on whether I would manage not to crash into the cliffs on Battlefield 1942. I once tried to land a jumbo jet at my small coastal town’s even smaller airfield on Flight sim. Had I not crashed I would probably have taken out most of my town.

So the flying didn’t go well and strangely the kamikaze attacks where I would crash into ships with the planes, didn’t do any damage. Never mind, I’ll give the battleships a try. I have no problem with boats. Famous last words…
Firstly they are soooo slow, and boring. Secondly I was shocked to find that using the massive guns on a battleship was not at all satisfying. Thirdly, will someone put the fire out!!!
The only benefit of being this bad at the game was that I did not risk humiliating myself by trying to play online. The online mode supports up to 8 players and as many as 100 units.

To be honest I think that the chances of me liking this game were very slim. I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, it does what it says on the tin. People who like this type of game will enjoy this, and people who have played the previous one and liked it should definitely check this out. But it’s not for me. Sorry Eidos.

Name Battlestations:Pacific
Format Xbox 360, PC
Release Date 15th May 2009
Age Rating 12 years and over

Battlestations Pacific (PC DVD)

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