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Coraline – DS Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 30 - 2009

Coraline is a young girl who has moved into her new home and soon discovers a secret door in her house. This leads Coraline to an alternate version of her life, only this version is much better than her real one. What soon becomes a curious adventure leads coraline into a dangerous world and her counterfeit parents try to trap her into staying in this fantasy life. Coraline must work with determination to discover a way back home and encounters many wondrous characters on her way. Her parents are not very aware of her problems settling in and building new friendships and therefore just remain completely oblivious to her. Charlie and Mel her parents seem to come across as complete workaholics and spend a great deal of time not paying any attention to coraline. Coraline soon realizes that the new world she has stumbled upon reaps more benefits for her and guarantees her the love that she has always deserved.


Through character interaction and puzzle solving I managed to work my way through most of this game. At first glance the game is a pretty one as I noticed the twee music along with the satisfying graphics. Game play is relatively simple as you engage in conversations with a selection of animal characters. There is a series of item collecting and the added option of changing coralines clothes depending on what you find. The mini cut scenes were delightful and made me feel quite absorbed into the game to begin with. After a while after chatting to different characters and solving some simple puzzles, I then went onto finding different clues to help me on my journey.


Her fake parents come across as most bizarre and there eyes are replaced with buttons. I just found that plain odd to be honest. Although her real parents just either spend most of their time yelling at her or just completely ignoring her. No wonder she didn’t want to stay. Her new fantasy parents are devoting and loving to coraline, but they just felt a bit spooky to me.


This is an average game, but could be a bit boring for some. Many times I had to keep asking the characters over and over again the same question just in case I had missed something. This is a game where if you don’t ask all the right questions and snoop about in all the right places, then the story does not progress and you end up spending relentless hours just wandering around. This may keep a child’s imagination for a little while, but for some I reckon this game maybe slightly relentless and repetitive.

The game offers elements of surprise which you will discover through the various missions. I completed this game in 2 sessions, so it came across as a short game to me.

Name Coraline
Format Nintendo DS, Wii, PS2
Release Date 1st May 2009
Age Rating 7 years and over

Coraline (Wii)
Coraline (PS2)

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