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Henry Hatsworth Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 31 - 2009

I had heard a lot of rumours about the new game on the DS called ‘Henry Hatsworth’, so I thought it was about time I played it and gave it a review. You may disagree or agree on the feedback from this game but I’ll let you decide what you think.


First off I will go to say that ‘Henry Hatsworth IS a puzzle game and I would go to say it’s NOT like Professor Layton. This game is based on both screens and you need lots of concentration in order to complete levels. You start off as Henry Hatsworth and you start off on the top screen on a 2D left and right scrolling platform. The story kind of builds up about Henry in the background. You encounter enemies and monsters on your way. Now here is the intriguing part of the game. On the bottom screen is a colored grid made up of different squares. You have to match up 3 or more colored squares in order to power up Henry’s hat. Also you can link squares up to get rid of monster squares, because if you don’t kill the monster squares on the bottom screen. Guess what?. You guessed right – They come and get you on the top screen. Many of the colored squares create other elements of attack and some squares gives you mysteries or more time.

The game is fast paced and occasionally a touch button appears and you can use this button to get into your robot suit. While in the suit you don’t encounter any damage, but it only offers you a limited time and then you return back into the form of Henry Hatsworth again. From what I can gather from the game, it’s a mixture of 2D scrolling action and kind of like Jewel quest at the bottom. The animation was great, although I did find the characters talking rather peculiar at the time. The sprites are good and the introduction cut scene was nice and bright. This game is frantic and fast, so you really have to get your thinking caps on. I like the idea that there is a shop where you can gather items to help you on your quest and also the ability on the top screen to attack with a sword. It’s a mixture of two games really.


Will I complete it?. Yeah for sure. Is it as good as Professor Layton?. I’m going to say that my thoughts are mixed. It provides a puzzling game, but not like the sort of puzzles you were trying to work out logically and laterally like you did on Layton. I’m going to give this game a 7 out of 10.

Name Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
Format Nintendo DS
Release Date 20th March 2009
Age Rating 7 years and over

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