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Little King’s Story

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 31 - 2009

Whilst walking in the forest one day, Corobo comes across a crown. Placing the crown upon his head instantly bestows the title of King upon Corobo and charges Him with the task of running and improving the kingdom. Happens to me all the time.


That’s basically all there is to the story. You find a crown, you are King. Now get on with it. Let’s start by having a look around your kingdom thus far. The way is blocked by fallen trees in a couple of places and there are some suspicious looking holes in the ground. Also, the kingdom needs money.

Using my sceptre I can order up to 5 of the lazy jobless villagers to join me. Take them to a hole and get them digging, there might be gold there. Now, with that money I can build some buildings in the village. First a farmhouse to turn my villagers into farmers who can remove those pesky fallen trees. Then a barracks to train soldiers for fighting the mean (yet cute) creatures that would do my villagers harm. Then I will need more money and build more buildings and control more villagers and land and……You get the idea.


The graphics for this game are of a painted comic book style and are both whimsical and cute. The soundtrack also adds to the cuteness giving the entire game a fairytale feeling. Don’t be fooled that this game is simple though. It starts easy enough but as you progress through the game it becomes fiendishly difficult. What looks like a kiddies game to begin with soon becomes a game even the most hardened achievement junkie can enjoy (providing they can get over the lack of achievements/trophies).


The game play has been seen before and this game executes it as well as all that have come before, maybe even better. To give you an idea of the game play style, think Overlord meets Pikmin in the My Sims town. Sort of…

This is a wonderful little game which I think will suffer from lack of advertising. So it’s up to us to get the word out. Shout it from the rooftops. Tell all your friends. Little Kings Story is great!!!!!

Name Little Kings Story
Format Nintendo Wii
Release Date 24th April 2009
Age Rating 7 years and over

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