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Marble Balance Challenge

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 31 - 2009

Marble Balance challenge is an interesting game that has you rolling around all over different stages as you guide the ball around various obstacles and obstructions that get in your way. I have decided to view the game using the Wii controller. At first glance the graphics are detailed as you’re introduced to a small ant called ‘Anthony’. Now Anthony is an ant who is looking for a seed from the legendary sun flower, which is hidden deep within the stump temple. The stump temple was built 1000 years ago. Since then the path towards it was destroyed. The ant shows you an ancient script inscribed on a door that tells you that you must gather parts from around the world for the stump temple. This is where you come into the game. The tiny ants can’t do this on their own, so they require your help.

From the options page you can choose easy, normal and the choice of opting for the Wii balance board.
The next stage allows you to get to know the practice stages and the tutorials and basics. This is always a good idea. When you first start on this game, it is relatively easy but as you progress towards the next levels it is quite hard and sometimes frustrating. While playing the stages, you will find hidden ‘Koropin Capsules’ and special items.


You are also taken to the world globe where the different stages are unlocked. This is also the place that you can choose your ball. The available options for designs on your ball were a Marble, Cat and Ladybird. I chose the ladybird as it looked the cutest and we like cute. The various balls have different response, speed, glide and bounce to them, so be careful which one you are choosing. Gradually the more levels you unlock, the more designs will be available to you.


The first few stages I tried were great. This game is the perfect sequel to Koropina as you guide your ball over springy traps, magnetic strips, and holes that you don’t know whether they will lead you nearer to your goal or plummeting to your doom. You have to take a few chances as various lifts transports your ball from one end of the stage to the next. I liked the fact that each level brought you different challenges and the graphics came across as quite nice.

After playing for a little I managed to complete the stage which then unlocked the challenge stage. Once that was completed I was sent over to ‘Dreamy Island’. Dreamy Island was very cool as the whole stage was made out of wafers and chocolate biscuits and other assortment of sweets. When playing the game, the background music lulls you into relaxation as you graciously play level after level.

I also tried the game out with the wii balance board. So much more fun than the wii controller. Although I did spend a vast amount of time sticking my bottom out as I tried to guide the ball around them tricky paths. I actually much preferred using the board, because it just gave that bit more fun element to it. This game may start out looking easy, but you just watch your ball disappear, when you go too quickly down a slide, or bounce too high that you see your ball disappearing into the distance and then you have my full permission to start screaming at your television screen. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Name Marbles! Balance Challenge
Format Nintendo Wii
Release Date 24th April 2009
Age Rating 3 years and over

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