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Rhythm Paradise

Posted by TurtleGirl On May - 31 - 2009

Rhythm Paradise summed up in one word was ‘delightful’. Rhythm Paradise offers players a variety of mini games that have made this title a success in my book.  Not only did this game bring me enjoyment, it brought me great satisfaction in the fact that a game has been created that actually has you laughing out loud, or it was in my case and great graphics along with boppy music.

With this particular game you have the DS vertical, almost like your reading a book.  The game shows you how you master your flick skills with the stylus, just so you can get a hang of it to begin with. Apparently it’s all in the flick of the wrist.
The first game is one that is called ‘Built to scale’, you’re suppose to feel the rhythm of the factory line as you build…stuff. Now initially I found this very difficult as a wooden block with a hole in the middle came running across the screen, as you are provided with a catapult in which a wooden peg is attached. The objective of the game is to flick the wooden peg so that it fits exactly in the hole. Sounds easy. Believe me I found it really hard to begin with, but as you listen to the rhythm in the background you find yourself feeling the beat and with a few attempts I had succeeded, but then they throw multiple wooden blocks your way and timing is of the essence.


I liked the feel of this particular game and I loved the fact the graphics were pretty simple. You have to time things very well in this game to progress to the next level. If you find yourself stuck, then there is always the second option of the Coffee cup. Sounds weird I know. Once you click on the coffee cup in the corner, it’s gives you the choices of ‘Talk to the Barista’, which I don’t think I actually got round to, then the other choices were ‘Listen to music’ which holds all the games music from the title screen and game select. There are other options which become available to you once you have unlocked the various mini games. There is also ‘Read something’, which shows you the ‘Secrets of flicking’ and the last section is ‘Practice Flicking’, which I would highly recommend as it does take some practice.


The next game was called Glee Club’, which probably is one of my favorite mini games as it made me laugh so much and out loud which can be rather embarrassing. In this mini game you control a member of the choir and your aim is to keep in time with the other members. The noises that came out of the singers mouths was unbelievably hilarious and many of the time I kept missing my queue to sing as I was so taken in by the comical graphics.


After wards the next mini game I reviewed was called ‘Blue Birds’. Now Blue birds was a cute little game in which the Captain sits on an umpire chair and watches as you take part as being one of the blue birds. The Captain might seem a little tense, a ‘little’ being the operative word at this point, as you guide your bird in sync with the other birds. You’re the one at the end and he’ll get mad at you if you mess up, but just let it roll off you like water off a duck’s back as you peck your way to the rhythm and raise your beak in triumph.

Other mini games that you will unlock will see you doing things such as building robots, playing table tennis and shooting aliens, amongst other fun and exciting activities., so I’ll let you find that out so – Get flicking!.
This game get’s a thumbs up from me and is my recommended choice for a cool, lively and frantic DS title.

Name Rhythm Paradise
Format Nintendo DS
Release Date 1st May 2009
Age Rating 3 years and over

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