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Goblin’s Weekend Recommendations

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 25 - 2009

There are a lot of games out this week and trying to decide which to buy and play can be tough. These are the games I am looking forward to getting my little green mits onto this weekend…

Lego Battles (DS)

Stragegy is one of my favorite genres, but I usually confine my strategic gameplay to the PC. However, this time I shall make an exception. I love Lego and I love Lego games, so when I heard of a strategic Lego game, I was as excited as a kid in a candy store. The game plays like warcraft/age of empires in an old school style. This style fits perfect with Nintendo’s handheld and the controls are simple. Gather your resources, build your buildings and destroy the enemy. I can see this game keeping me entertained for hours, although it might be a bit tough for the little goblins out there.





Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

Another handheld game. The sheer scale of this game and the hype that is riding with it is making me sweat. The idea of being confronted with more than 400 quests, and new quests being available to download after launch, is epic. Add to that the gorgeous graphics and the ability to join with friends to hunt the bigger, scarier monsters. The player will be hunting monsters, gathering herbs, mining for minerals and catching bugs to succeed in this game. Sounds like a normal day in Girl Gamer towers to me. This game is on my must have list!





Overlord 2 (xbox360, PS3, PC)

What self respecting Goblin could pass over this game. Playing the first Overlord game was a joy. The control mechanism was brilliantly thought out and allowed complete control of your minions with ease. Being evil is a natural state of mind for me, so being able to express it through a game is great. This time the player will be facing new monsters and an entire empire, so get ready for some minion mayhem and evil doing in the extreme.





Spore Galactic Adventures (PC)

I have spent many hours creating and raising my little creatures in Spore. With this expansion I will be able to actually leave my ufo at last.Heading down to a planets surface and taking my creature on adventures sounds great. With the ability to create your own adventures and share them with the world, whilst having access to the worlds adventures, will keep me busy for months to come. My creature will become a legendary space captain and battle monsters and solve puzzles until he is the most powerful creature in the universe. Mwah ha ha!!





Enjoy your weekends gaming, I know I will.
Girl Gamers Goblin

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