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Let’s Tap Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 22 - 2009

Let’s Tap offers players a whole new concept and experience to the Wii. When I first tried this game up at SEGA Headquarters back in May I thought it was brilliant. At last a game that wasn’t complicated as you just use your fingers to tap. The idea behind the game is a simple one. You place your Wii remote on a flat surface or you can use the Let’s Tap boxes that was supplied with the game. They are only made out of cardboard, but they make ideal platforms for the remote. You tap away with your fingers as the vibrations are picked up by the wii sensing system. There are a series of modes including single and multiplayer and a nice selection of various party games.

First game I tried was Tap Runner. This game revolves around you taking a little running avatar from a start line and you have to navigate through the course, trying to avoid traps and interacting with various devices that will help you on your way. Initially when I first started tapping to get my little running avatar  to head off, I did spend a vast majority jumping when I was suppose to be running and falling when I was suppose to be jumping. Hurdles are on this particular course and if you don’t judge your jumps effectively and time them well, you can end up flat on your face on the track. I did this many times before I fully adapted the fine art of jumping correctly. It’s very easy to become a little heavy handed in this game, as I experienced first hand. You need to tap gently if you want to get anywhere in a hurry. I had a great deal of fun on this course and I can see this game being a firm favourite among a group of friends on a Friday night.


The next game I tried was called Rhythm Tap. In this game you must tap as the rhythm markers start following in from the right side of the screen and then pass over the touch point. It seemed relatively easy enough, although I did find the music a little bit strange or maybe that was just me. I had complete hysterics as I tried my best to concentrate on the sound and beats. When played in multiplayer mode it’s quite hard not to be put off by the other person’s tapping as well. Frantic and fun sums this game up.


Continuing through the different games we found a game called Silent Blocks. Think Jenga and you have the same game only more difficult, but frantic and fun none the less as you carefully try and guide your block out from the middle of the stack. Great in two player mode as you race against one another to gain the most points, there was only one way my blocks were going and that was down as my stack fell apart and plummeted to the floor. You need a lot of patience and a steady hand.


The next section of the game I chose for something a little bit different was a game called Bubble Voyager. This is where you float through various levels and try your best to tap past obstacles that get in your way. I found this game ok, but nothing inspiring.

Visualizer is a game where you can tap with friends to make different effects. The options available were fireworks which you could fill up the night sky with beautiful lights and the fireworks are launched according to the tap pattern. Apparently there are turtles on one level, how could I miss that, but I did. There were other effects you could choose from if you felt a bit creative including paint, river and ink.

Generally this is a good game giving you a different way of using the wii. It offered some nice colourful graphics, if not a bit simple at times. Excellent responsiveness when playing. It kind of reminded me of the arcade games you used to play back in the 80s a little. Let’s hope I won’t get any RSI related injuries (lol). I can see this title being brought out when you have friends over or at Christmas time. I don’t think it will be a game you will be generally playing a lot of. I may be wrong, but I feel it has it’s limitations to some degree.

I’m rating this party game a 6 out of 10.


Name Let’s Tap
Format Wii
Release Date 19th June 2009
Age Rating 3 years and over

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