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Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 1 - 2009

Hmm…someone’s given me a Chainsaw. Oh no here comes the blood again….

You play as Jack who is caught up in the horrific terror of ‘The Deathwatch’ where the murderous villains and terrorists called ‘The Organizers’ reside. You are in an ultimate battle to survive with your life and remain alive to solve the mysteries behind the deathwatch. You’re aim is to use your skills with the selected weapons that you have access to and compete in mini games designed to test your strength and skill.

This Wii game delivers some serious violence and bad language so I thought I would give a warning before you decide to embark in playing this game. It’s rated an 18 certificate and my first glimpse into this violence is shown in the introduction. I think Wii are trying to make this game into a raw hack and slash game and I think they have succeeded.

The first few stages take me through an edgy and raw storyline where I am introduced to ‘The Organizers’, I have to fight my way through using the basic skills I have learnt in the first tutorial. The game sets out with testing you through the vast array of selected moves and then guides you through the available weapons that you have access to, including the Chainsaw with which I had a great fun hacking and slashing the various enemies heading my way. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, I’ll let you decide. Another weapon was the spiked club which had the advantage of sinking into an enemy’s body and then I managed to continually spin them 360 degrees in a round about way. The sign post weapon was very good for spearing enemies and then re piercing them again on a rosebush spikes. I thought that was very entertaining to say the least.
There is a large amount of bad language and blood splatter violence. Certain moves would bring your enemy to his feet as you thrashed him round the head with a flaming barrel. Ok, I admit I liked the game, but felt the constant use of foul language was unnecessary to be honest. My first impressions of this game when looking at the graphics was that of ‘Sin city’ and I liked the fact that they have not overcomplicated the use of the controls. It was relatively easy to master the skills of throwing your enemy into a huge turbine and watching body parts flying everywhere. Compared to a lot of hack and slash games this game brought some fun and entertainment value despite the immense gore factor.

The background storyline I felt was on the sparse side and I couldn’t quite understand the true nature of what the game was, however all could have been revealed later on in the game. The use of the Nunchuck and Wii controller I felt worked well when picking up enemies and half heartily throwing them in the nearest spiked edge dumpsters. This game will definitely have you heart racing as you try and battle through the boss levels. If you didn’t know what it was like to sweat really hard playing this game on the Wii now, then you sure will soon after playing a few levels of this horrific blood splatter game. I found the game quite addictive as the old adrenaline started pumping and the thirst and need to get to the end of the next level, or maybe it’s just me in my ever growing need to complete the game in the shortest amount of time.
All in all the game is a bit of fun and what better fun than hurling your enemies into the death press on a quiet Sunday morning.

Name Madworld
Format Nintendo Wii
Release Date 20th March 2009
Age Rating 18 years and over

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