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Sims 3

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 8 - 2009

I’ve just started playing the new Sims 3 game over the weekend. What does this mean?. It means I will lose hours and hours of my life playing a sim in a virtual world. So setting up my sim which includes sorting out their appearance and deciding what to wear and choosing a wide selection of clothes, that quite frankly doesn’t look that fashion inspired. I can either look like an old granny or someone with just no dress sense at all. I’ve opted for a top and jeans. I’m adventurous aren’t I? You can change the characteristics of your personality as well, so I can be a computer whiz, but hopeless in the kitchen or quite ambitious but not that great with keeping things neat and tidy. Whatever you chose for your sim, I’m sure somewhere down the line you’re going to come across a flaw, after all your not perfect in this game even if you desire to be. You can also choose a voice for your sim and the pitch, so my sim sounds like Minnie Mouse. There are ten different skills your sim can develop throughout their life, so choose wisely. Each sim has wishes they want to strive for in their life, they take time and a huge amount of effort and also lifetime happiness can be obtained the higher the mood your sim is in, and this is where you can earn happiness points. Once achieved, you can then buy rewards with your happiness points.

Choosing your town. I’ve chosen ’River View’, looking round it looks like a quaint and quiet little town. It’s filled with pretty avenues, lovely scenic parks, and a various selection of stores to choose to purchase items from, a nice river and has a nice wonderful fluffy feel about it. It seems like a great place to start up in. So I venture into this new ideal place and choose a nice pad to settle into. ’I’ve not got much money to spend so it’s either going to be a home that’s unfurnished or furnished. I’ve opted for furnished and I have a few simoleons left to get other bits and pieces for my new home.

Moving in is straight forward. My home is average, although the décor looks something out of the 1940’s. I can change that in time, when I get myself a job. In the meantime I wander around my new house, taking in all the layout of the rooms. I have an average TV, which I later find out I can work out to. Even if I do look like a complete idiot when I do it. Average kitchen with my basic household needs. I have a garage with no car in it. Looks like I’m going to have to work very hard to even begin to afford a vehicle. They are not cheap, so I may have to invest in some other mode of transport for the time being. The garden looks fine and during the game you have the option to harvest your own fruit and vegetables which you can use or harvest and sell them later on. Depending on how green your fingers really are. I don’t have anything for entertainment, so I invest in a small stereo. She seems to like that and occasionally likes to dance, if strangely to certain music. At one point I invited a friend over to dance with me, that was quite funny and disturbing at the same time. Sims like music so try and get something musical in for them.

As soon as you can, try and invest yourself in a good career. No money equals one unhappy sim and you don’t want that happening, because a meltdown moment is not good in a Sims life. Careers are the best way to earn Simoleons. It gives them a chance to get out of the house, choose from the eleven career paths and buy them nice little things for your home. I’m a bit of an ambitious sim, so I’ve gone for the most intriguing career. That’s right; I’ve decided to become an Astronaut. A foolish brag I fear, but someone’s go to do it. There are many career paths you could choose from, but I wanted to go to the Moon.

Day to day living when you start off is a little bit monotonous. You get up; you got to the fridge and grab something to eat. I have experimented with cooking and the resounding conclusion is this. I’m not very good at cooking. My first attempt of making Mac and Cheese resulted in me burning the whole kitchen down. I just stood there in shock, in my nightie as two firemen came parading into my kitchen, after I found the phone eventually to call them. I watched as they tackled the blaze, and then they found it highly amusing to hose me down. To say I wasn’t happy with a soaked nightie in the middle of the night, was a slight understatement. When they left, I had nothing in my kitchen apart from my fridge, which had some odd smells coming from it. I opened some juice and that seemed to fill up my hunger bar. Around about eight in the morning I have some strange kid ride by who seems to like hurling newspapers at my door, even though I have a working mailbox. They are gathered on my lawn for me to read, recycle or find another job.



Going to work seems ok. I wake up at some ridiculous hour and it takes me an hour to shower before the guy with the car comes and picks me up. I head out to work after the man in the car honks relentlessly and very loudly outside my house. I can’t ignore him, so head to work. Work is very different this time round. You can set how hard you work, depending on how quickly you want to progress in your chosen career. Personally I worked very hard, even though I looked really silly in my cadet hat. After a while I get promoted and head back home with my hard earned simoleons. I’ve invested in a video game system. I know what your thinking. What a surprise. It cost me loads of money, but it’s fun and she’s happy with it. Gradually as I earn more money I invest in a computer. How virtual life seems to reflect my own life. Hmm.. interesting. Computer games keep me happy, as well as the hacking I can do on it, the instant messaging on it, and the option to play chess which can increase your logic. Also the time invested on my computer helps me to develop other skills that will help in my job. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


I decide to try and learn to cook again and third time round the firemen have visited my home. Maybe I should stick with salad. Try and develop your cooking skills as much as you can as it helps your sim. Also if you leave food in the fridge, it will just stay there and make some really fowl smells that your Sims will not be amused by.

Social life. That’s right. I have no social life at the moment as I’m working so hard. Explore the town to find new people to engage with. Sims like socializing and making new friends. Invite them over to toast marshmallows in your garden over the fire pit you’ve just bought. Dance with them, or even invite them to a party. Eventually and over time you will make new friends, it’s just really hard in the early days. Don’t call friends in the middle of the night, they really don’t like it.


I’ve invested in a bicycle so I can go explore the new town I’ve moved into. Local museums and galleries are available for you to take in the new art. Local fishing areas for you to grab the latest fishy, but you have to learn how to fish so go buy a book from the local book store. You can explore restaurants, bars, and places of interest, gyms and stadiums. I’ve explored most places and I really liked the gym, because you can go swimming there and use the various gym equipment to get your sim fit. I’ve also got a treadmill in my garage which I use a lot as training to be an astronaut you have to be pretty physically fit.

This game is so deep, interesting and amazing that I don’t think I can put it all in one review. All I will say is that you have to invest in a great amount of time for this game. Which means you do get drawn into the game and you do spend hours playing it. I don’t think I can find any fault with this game, apart from a few mild graphical problems I encountered. It’s an excellent game and well worth buying. Your do so much with your character, you work your way up the career ladder, explore some great and exciting places and meet some nice, strange and frankly odd people during your stay, but it’s well worth it. This game gets a nine out of ten from me.

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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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