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Tribal Trouble 2

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 10 - 2009

Tribal Trouble 2, the sequel to Oddlabs’ Tribal Trouble, is a browser based, cartoon style real-time strategy game based in the world of vikings.

As Chieftain, it is your job to lead your Tribe to be the most powerful in all the known lands.  To begin with your hometown is rather sparse, but by completing some single player quests you can earn enough points to perform upgrades. Build a hall and the multiplayer function is unlocked, allowing you to meet with friends and do battle.

The battles themselves, be it single or multi player, take place on an island. It is up to you to use your peasants to gather resources, build and train warriors to defeat your enemy.

Features include:

- Easy to grasp 3D real-time strategy game launched directly from your browser – no installation required
- 11 story driven single player quests and 8 multiplayer maps so far – more are added each month
- Build up your hometown with a selection of 12 types of buildings that will add new features or boost your strength in combat
- Design your own chieftain or chieftess profile by picking the body type, facial expression, beard (males only!), clothing and helmets from a wide selection
- The RTS part of the game features 4 types of resources, 3 types of buildings and 5 types of units
- 2-6 players can compete in multiplayer games with mile-wide islands and thousands of units frantically trying to wipe each other out
- Quests to the far away tropics where you battle the African natives also known from Tribal Trouble

point your browser at http://tribaltrouble2.com/ and try it out.







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