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Battleforge Renegade

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 22 - 2009

Battleforge, the play4free fantasy strategy game, has announced the release of the new Renegade edition card set from August 25th. Players will have access to 60 new cards in the booster packs that can be purchased from the store for 250 Battleforge points or $2.50.


Battleforge is a fantasy strategy game that combines with a collectible card game. The cards that you obtain are used to create themed decks that make up the forces and spells available for your army.


The game is currently operating on a play4free basis whereby the player is allowed access to a limited version of the game to begin with. Upon reaching a certain level of profficiency, the player may then unlock the full game. The required levels are rank 4 in PvE (player vs enviroment) or rank 10 in PvP (player vs player).


After downloading the client and setting up an account, the player then creates a character, which is no more than choosing a name and picture. You then venture into the tutorial, which explains the basics of the main game. These aspects will be familiar to anyone who has played any of the huge number of strategy games out there. The cards, which represent your available spells and forces, come in four different types. These are Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow. In order to use these cards, the player must have both the power and orbs required. Each card has a different power cost and orb requirement. The power comes from wells, upon which you must build a crystal in order to harness the power for your own needs. The orbs come from monuments which you also have to capture. Each monument can provide you with a different coloured orb. The orb colours you require depend upon which type of cards you are wanting to use. Weaker units require one orb of a certain colour, whereas the more powerful cards may require a combination of  coloured and any number of uncoloured orbs. This method will be familiar to anyone who has played Magic: The Gathering. Once you control enough power and orbs, you select the card and then click on the battlefield to cast it. Your army is capped to a number of troops on the battlefield at any one time.


After playing through the tutorial, the main menu screen is displayed. From here the player can manage their decks of cards ( each deck consists of up to 20 cards. The player will begin with three ready made decks and the ability to create their own from the cards available in their library), visit the store for booster packs, visit the auction to trade cards, test cards in battle, check profile and story details or visit the world map. The world map gives access to the single player campaign and multiplayer co-op or Vs modes. There are online leaderboards available to chart the progress of your character and compare your achievements with the other players. The multiplayer modes are great fun and, given the shortness of the campaign, will be were the player will spend most of his time.


Overall the game does a brilliant job of combining classic real time strategy with the social aspect of collectible card games. I look forward to spending some more time playing this game and trying to get my head around the complexities of building the perfect deck. I would score this game an 8 out of 10. Download the game client from http://www.battleforge.com/


Battleforge Renegade edition brings 60 new cards to the battleforge library aswell as two new playable factions, the bandits and the stonekin. These will be available from August 25th. Also this week brings the 3rd map from the Renegade campaign, titled Oracle, which is a new single player PvE scenario.



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