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Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 6 - 2009

I’m a regular fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Needless to say that I can never get enough of the latest hits and tracks. Over the last few days I tried out Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits on the DS.

Now I never got round to buying a guitar grip for my DS, so I ventured out for the best deal around. Eventually I found one and started up the game. Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits features a set comprised of more than 25 tracks from influential artists such as Cold Play, Fallout Boy and many more. In fact I was surprised that there was so many songs that I actually liked. This new title introduces an all new fan request system that challenges players to rock out like never before. I was rocking out, even though I did find I was getting slight cramp in my hands. I’m not used to playing these titles on my DS, but I loved it. Even the little pick was cool as I rocked out on my lead guitar. You’re guided through five all new venues. Once I started up this game, I found it very hard to put it down. It’s very addictive.


You can also customize your band and players. Build up enough of a fan base to earn dollars to buy all the newest and trendiest instruments and clothes from the store.


Over time as I was building up more confidence, I was building up my own fan base and opening up new challenges to rock out too. You can start jamming with an entire song in hyper speed or battle it out in Guitar Duel with active notes. Occasionally the guitar hero guitar grip would fly out of my hands, although it was brilliant to use. It adds another element to the game play. The characters in the game were quite cool as well and you get to know them as you progress through the game. Further into the game you can unlock different guitars and even customize your character and buy new outfits for them.


Nothing in this game made me think for one minute that this was going to be an awful game, in fact I thought it was brilliant, even though my hand was cramping a little when I was rocking out hard. The bands were modern which I liked and if you’re a huge fan of these types of games, then I’m sure you will really enjoy this game. I’m looking forward to playing this in multiplayer mode as well.


Not a disappointment at all, just cool and great tracks to a brilliant fun and rocking game.

I’m rating this rhythm game 8 out of 10.

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