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Hysteria Hospital : Emergency Ward

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 13 - 2009

I’ve been left in charge of the Maryville Medical centre. Plenty of patients for me to treat with a whole host of intriguing medical conditions. My objective is to make sure them patients are treated well and efficiently. Being the nurse it’s down to me to keep things running smoothly at the hospital. My responsibilities are trying to organize and administer prescriptions, operating machines, treating specific ailments and if I get any time left from doing all that. Cleaning as well.

My patients enter the hospital and seen by the Triage doctor. I simply drag and drop the patient, using my wii remote, into the Triage department. Not the best bedside manner I could adopt, but it works. After their examination has taken place, I wait for the icon to appear above their head and this will tell me where they need to go. Now some of the patients cannot be treated at your hospital because simply you don’t have all the required equipment, so I need to send them back into the ambulance or helicopter to send them to another hospital. All my patients are given a prescription as I rush around the hospital frantically then I eventually my patients get their scripts. I have to keep my eye on the health of my patients. The health meter above their heads will determine how they are progressing. If the health meter gets too low, then they will simply leave the hospital.


After I had done many levels. It’s then possible for me to buy and sell medical equipment and adjust management including, salaries, efficiency of my staff and the speed from the pharmacy.


When I first tried this game it simply reminded me of ‘Theme Hospital’ that I used to play on the PC years ago. It’s almost like they have revamped the game for the Wii. Nice sized sprites, if a little blurry on my television. It’s a frantic game to say the least. First few times I sailed through levels, where as I progressed to the higher levels it did get very difficult. I was rushing around the hospital, giving out meds, making beds, giving out prescriptions, only to realize later on that one of my patients was still standing in the x- ray room alone without his prescription and having to make beds with half a ton of laundry still in my hands. Priority is the name of the game. You have to be really organized to get pass the objective goals. Try and figure out which patient needs your attention first, it’s a dead give away with the hearts above their heads or you’re literally going to end up with dead patients on your watch. If that happens then the reputation of the hospital and your good name will suffer and we don’t want that now, do we?.


Over some time I had managed to make it to the next hospital. Which was bigger and had more equipment to offer. I had many patients come rushing into my hospital after some people had attempted a ‘Who wants to be a stuntman’ event. Several ended up on the operating table, only for me to forget they needed x- rays first. Make sure you get plenty of  Triage doctors and beds, as they seem to be what you need a lot of early on in the game.

There are seven hospitals each with nine progressively harder levels to complete. The mode is played against the clock with a set number of patients you have to treat and a certain amount of earnings you have to reach. I’ve not tried it in endless mode yet where you can choose from a difficulty level and if nine patients walk away unhappy you will forfeit the game. I’m just recovering from story mode.


If you a fan of the old classic game of ‘Theme Hospital’, then rest assured you will be content with this game. The only concerns I had was the fact that it was sometimes a bit fiddly to pick up the patients with the wii remote and I ended up choosing the wrong patient and when your up against the clock it becomes very frantic and the graphics seemed slightly blurred on my television. Apart from that it was a fun, fast and a frantic game and I really liked it. Luckily I didn’t kill too many of my patients and my new hospital is doing well. I’m learning that you have to put away the laundry before going to rush off to get prescriptions, and making sure the right patients get the right pills.

Although a bit fiddly with the wii remote at times. I’m going to rate this game, 7 out of 10.

Oxygen Games

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