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Overlord Dark Legend Review

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 1 - 2009

Overlord Dark Legend came out on Friday 26th June 2009. The game was developed exclusively for the Wii.


The Overlord games all follow a similar pattern. Basically the player takes on the role of an evil overlord, complete with all manner of evil spikey bits. As overlord it is your duty to wreak havoc upon all around you with the help of your minions.This all takes place in a slightly warped fairytale style land filled with all manner of bizarre creatures.


The minions come in four different flavours. The browns are your melee specialists, the reds are fire resistant and are able to utilise a ranged attack. The blues are water resistant and have healing powers. Finally there are the greens who are resistant to poison and masters of stealth attacks. As your minions attack and defeat enemies(or innocent bystanders, livestock, friends…they are not fussy) they will come across glowing orbs of energy. This energy is the defeated adversaries soul, and can be harvested and used to create more minions from minion gates.


Overlord Dark Legend finds the player in Castle Gromgard, playing as a young lad who, just turning 16, has recieved the gift of an overlord gauntlet. Putting the gauntlet, you are then able to open a secret door behind which you find the rest of the overlord armour, meet the minion master, Gnarl, and begin your journey into evil.


The Wii controls are perfectly suited to this style of game. The ability to sweep your minions across the screen with a flick of the wrist is great and allows control of your horde with surprising precision. The game runs you through the controls as you need them and makes it very easy to pick up and learn. The game is aimed at a slightly younger audience then its more powerful counterparts, but aside from the easy to grasp controls and the minions antics being a touch less crude, you would’nt notice. Graphically there is a difference between this game and Overlord I/II, but this is what you would expect. However I personally was shocked at how good it did look. There is not as much on the screen to look at, but codemasters have done a great job with the Wii’s capabilities.


The only downside I have come across is the difficulty level. The game is easy. Its not stupid easy, but it will not provide much of a challenge to anyone who regularly plays games. This is a shame, as with the difficulty tweaked up a bit, Overlord Dark Legend would have been as close to a perfect Wii game as is possible.


The controls are great, the graphics are great. The game is filled with evil humour and laugh out loud moments. But it is too easy. For that reason I score this game 8 out of 10.


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