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Tearaway Unfolded Coming to PS4 Sept. 8th for $39.99

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Teasing Cyberpunk 2077

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My Friend Pedro Launch Trailer

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Vehicles Coming In Skylanders SuperChargers

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Rabbids Go Home

Posted by TurtleGirl On July - 23 - 2009

Rabbids are highly curious creatures with the attention span of a goldfish. A rabbid travels through life going through all sorts of chaos and mayhem and wrecks havoc on everyday life. Rabbids Go Home is coming to the wii. Now the real adventures begin with their first comedy adventure. They plan to collect all the human stuff they can possibly find, heap it onto their backs and if possible, climb to the moon. A foolish brag I fear. Unfortunately things are that not that easy for the daring rabbids as the human defend their precious stuff.

Control two Ravin Rabbids while pushing around a shopping trolley and cause absolute chaos in a world full of uptight humans around them. Collect various sizes of stuff in order to reach the moon. Scour through the supermarkets, run across the rooftops, zoom past the airports and boost through the Bayou, visiting the game’s unique take on everyday places. This only means one thing in my mind. Mischief!


Race, chase and generally cause complete and utter chaos scaring the humans right down to their undies-literally! Set up your shopping trolley with a cool Jet Ski, an airplane reactor, ora hospital Bubble bed to wreak havoc everywhere possible.


Gobble up Rabbids inside your wii remote and customize your very own Rabbid avatar to play within the game. Imagine the possibilities and fun you can have. Ravin Rabbids Go Home is probably one of my favourite games. How could anyone resist them cute ,bizarre and slightly crazed creatures?!. Brilliant concept art and screens from such an hilarious and enjoyable game.



Concept Art and Renders




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