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Worms 2: Armageddon Review

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 10 - 2009

As the dust, debris and smoke begin to clear, pauly picks himself up from the dirt. That cluster bomb almost ended his short existence. All around him are craters and, where his former comrades once stood, gravestones. They had been good soldiers. In the distance, on the edge of a cliff, he sees a solitary figure. The enemy. Pauly knew that he could not survive another attack from this individual. Reaching into his equipment bag, Pauly pulls out the only weapon he has left. A grenade. He narrows his eyes, takes into account the wind and throws the grenade with all his strength. Watching it fly through the air, his heart sinks as he realises that it won’t reach his enemy. The grenade strikes the edge of the cliff and explodes. The resulting explosion hurls the enemy into the air and then he plummets into the surrounding waters. Death is instant. Pauly looks around the battlefield and realises he is alone. He lets out a breath.
“war is brutal” he says, “even for us Worms”


Worms 2: Armageddon has been released onto Xbox Live Arcade by Team17 and is available for a comfortable 800 MS points. The game is a 2D strategy affair in which the player takes command of a team of four battle-hardened worms. Then, over a 2D destructible map, the player must defeat teams of enemy worms. To aid with this task there are a myriad of different, and sometimes quite bizarre, weapons and tools. These include the mundane, such as the shotgun and grenade, to the unusual, such as the petrol bomb or the sheep. There is even a weapon called the Buffalo of lies that can only exist in a game like Worms. Your team of worms can be fully customised with names, voices and outfits, allowing your team to be completely unique to you.


The game has a new single player adventure which combines the standard deathmatches with some quite devious puzzle levels. Completion of these levels will win you tokens which allows you to buy stuff from the store with which to customise your team or kit them out with even more maniacal weapons. The single player mode will keep you busy for a while (some of the puzzles are actually quite hard) but to truly enjoy the full worms experience, you need to play multiplayer.


Worms 2: Armageddon’s multiplayer modes support up to four players, both offline and online. With a huge number of different game modes, each of which are fully customisable, and an unending supply of maps, Worms multiplayer is different with each match. Game modes include your standard deathmatch, the excellent “forts” mode and a new race mode, to name a few. Taking full advantage of the Xbox Live platform, Team17 have included achievements and leaderboards and there will even be DLC coming in the future.


The graphics of the game have been improved greatly, meaning this is the best looking Worms game thus far. Controls are very simple and easy to grasp. This game greatly improves over the previous Worms outing on Xbox Live in looks, sounds and gameplay. Anyone who played and enjoyed Worms on Xbox Live will love this game. Anyone who did not play the previous Worms on Xbox Live, or those who have never played a Worms game (do such people exist?) should try out the demo of this game, you will not be disappointed.


I score this game an arcade score of 9 out of 10. Excellent!

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