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J.K. Rowling’s Exclusive Announcement

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The HMV GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards 2012 Event

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Cryofall On Steam Early Access Today

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Splosion Man (XBLA)

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 17 - 2009

Splosion man is one of the best 2d games I’ve played on the Xbox Live Arcade for ages and what an exciting game it is. The aim of the game is you play as Splosion man who with the press of a button can explode everything and anything that’s within your sight and make your way through 50 levels. It’s a brilliant 2d platformer that makes it a fiery success. At the start of the game you have the ability to explode three times in succession, which allows you to bounce off of walls, explode into explosive barrels and launch yourself off of various items in a bid to make your way across wide open gaps, terrifying green acid pools and get to the exit.


It took me a while to get the hang of the exploding side of things. I seem to have a very trigger happy thumb when it comes to jumping and found myself double jumping many times. Probably too many years of playing Mario. The problem with that scenario is that you run out of explosive jumps as they have to be done in succession, so you only get to try it three times, get it wrong and you have to judge your jumps again. Although I died a few times, the game lets you reset to a check point so you don‘t feel too disheartened the first few times you mess up. Each level has its dangers and traps and each of them want a piece of you as you carefully plan your explosive jumps across barriers and vices that want to entrap you. If there was ever a game that really let’s you do the most damage then this is the game for you. Mad scientists roam the levels in their glass laboratories doing their up most to deter you from completing the levels. You can just go over there and blow them up as their bodies turn into ham and other various foods. It’s all done in a comical way, so no worries about offending anyone with this game. It’s all in the name of comedy and so are the graphics.


There are some very humorous cut scenes where the mad scientists do some funny things and this is a game that is addictive and you will want to keep exploring more and more levels. Try and complete the levels in quicker times as you zoom along detonating everything. It’s a game that certainly kept me on my toes I can assure you of that. Exploring each level carefully I manage to find the pieces of cake that you need to find and destroying more scientists gives you  more points. When I play this game, it reminds me of what a lot of games are missing. Keeping things basic, while working very well on gameplay. There is no doubt in my mind that my 800 MS points were well spent. Pretty cool graphics and it certainly keeps the adrenalin pumping constantly. I’ve yet to play in multiplayer mode yet, but I will eventually get around to it. Explosive and fun and there’s nothing more than I would rather do on a quiet weekend than blow stuff up, especially mad scientists.


I like the way each level plummets you into some serious danger as you begin some levels. Take for instance; one of the levels I started upon I had to run frantically from a vice that was following right behind me waiting to snare me into it’s grinding teeth and you just had to move very quickly and think on your feet. I managed to explode from one gaping vice to another in succession and believe me it wasn’t easy. Even though at times I wanted to admit defeat and throw down the controller, I hasten to add that I did carry on and persevere to go onto complete some other levels. It’s probably one of that funniest and entertaining games I’ve played in quite a while, apart from Trials HD and that’s for a whole other review waiting to be written. Be warned of it’s addictive nature and it’s partial to the saying of ‘Just one more level and I’m done’. It’s just not gonna happen as you go back for more explosive action again and again.




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