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Infinium Strike Lands On Steam

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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Dungeons 3 Out Today

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Mafia III E3 2016 trailer

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Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Ep 4: The Bogey Man

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 11 - 2009

Being a huge fan of all the Wallace and Gromit grand adventures , I decided to embark on the new episode of the game called ‘The Bogey Man’ by Tell Tales Games which is the final episode of the Wallace and Gromit grand series of season one which I tried out the pc. This time we follow the duo on their adventures surrounding Wallace who has been caught up in a dispute that threatens to destroy their peaceful and quiet area of West Wallaby and the pair must fight to save the neighbourhood as they take on the local country club. Wallace being the crazy inventor with his hair brained ideas and his loyal and loving Gromit not far behind, I started the game up to begin the adventure.

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand adventures: ‘The Bogey Man’ is a point and click adventure game that allows you to take on each character one at a time. Using the WASD keys I can direct Wallace around the living room in which I first appear in. There is a simple tutorial to guide you through how to interact with various objects and it shows you how to combine items with other items. A cut scene shows Gromit playing chess with a machine. Unfortunately Gromit has broken a chess piece and it’s at this point you must explore the surrounding area for a substitute piece in replacement for the broken bishop. The inventory is clear and concise and shows you the items you have collected. Another cut scene follows in which you then play as Gromit.


You’ll meet many strange characters of West Wallaby, including Major Crumb, Aunt Prudence, Felicity Flitt and many others who will direct you on your travels. I talked with many of the characters who gave me valuable information or clues. I like the fact that you have the chance to play both Wallace and Gromit. The controls were very good as I moved Gromit around the screen looking and observing for clues and evidence. As with all the Wallace and Gromit grand adventures the graphics were brilliant and the cut scenes showed the true nature of this comical duo. Gromit, as always, plays a humorous role and is the mastermind behind all the plans, always showing intelligence far more superior to his human counterpart, Wallace.


I did find that I would get stuck a little on some of the clues and I was walking around aimlessly for a while, it wasn’t until later on in the game that I realized you can change the hint section. Isn’t hindsight a grand thing? Choosing “often” would have been the better selection for me. As Gromit I’ve managed to stumble across various lost objects that will aid me in my quest which includes an eaves dropper which came in handy and a clue finder. I explored the Wallace and Gromit house and then I headed out to the garden. Again it’s about combining various objects with certain items and a number of actions have to occur before other pieces of the story come together. Playing as Gromit I use my eaves dropper to listen to the neighbours next door as they talk about things going on in the country club. I won’t go into detail. Exploring the surrounding garden area with it’s weird gnomes and strange looking squirrels, I travelled to the town area where I saw a scene between a constable and a man called  Mr Paneer who has a rather large amount of Super sticky nut butter, but you’ll have to play the game to find out what happened with that.


The game was pretty easy to get my head around and the storyline was entertaining and funny, as so many of the grand adventures are. As I continue through the engaging storyline I end up at the country club where I meet a rather annoying man who offers to play golf with me. His laugh is very annoying, so much so that I wanted to throw my mouse at the screen. This game is great if you’ve played all the other Wallace and Gromit games, even though I found the pace a little bit on the slow side at times. The puzzles were interesting and logical, some were easy, and some needed a little more brain power. Children and fans will love this delightful game, the graphics and gameplay don’t let it down to be honest. If you’ve loved Nick Park’s animation, then you’re being in for real treat with this new adventure. Great character voices blended with fine animation made this an excellent video game experience.




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