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Cate West: The Vanishing Files

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 25 - 2009

Over recent months I’ve come across a whole host of hidden objects games, mostly on the Nintendo DS and I’ve taken quite a liking to these types of game. This new game I’m reviewing is on the Nintendo wii and it tells the story of Cate West. You play as Cate West who is a budding writer,  who has incredible physic abilities and decides to help out the local police with a mysterious criminal investigation.

You’re given the task of exploring scenes that are overwhelmed with clutter and you have to find the hidden objects in different locations. A careful eye for detail is needed as you search and explore more and more for the items. Sometimes I was  looking for a great deal of time before I discovered the well hidden objects, but it’s worth the find when I eventually did. You’re given a selected time to do the exploring in, but it is a large amount of time, so you don’t feel too rushed.The storyline takes a little while to piece together as you unravel the mysteries. The plot of The Vanishing files surround a series of crimes committed in the city of Arcadia. They are linked with Cate west’s father who had died 17 year’s ago, so the police decide they will recruit Cate to help them out in their investigation. Cate feels she needs to do this since she has been experiencing terrible nightmares of the event.


The game play consists of five different stages which each surround the stage of a criminal investigation. You have to visit a selection of locations around the city and search for clues. Again in each location you are shown a cluttered image and you retrieve the items from the list you are given. There are tools that you are given to you to help you with your search, including a magnifying glass for the more dense areas and believe me there were some dense areas. If you get really stuck like I did, then you can request a hint, which will then highlight where the hidden object is located. Unfortunately if you do use hints, it has no effect on your time but does result in fewer points. You can boost your points by finishing quickly or finding multiple items all at once.


I liked the way you had to find the criminal hideout which was determined by spotting the differences between two nearly identical images. You’re also given the task of picking out the criminal out of a line up, which was quite fun. During the court room scene this task gets you to place a series of items back into two nearly identical images, which can prove to be challenging.




All in all The Vanishing files has 15 chapters in which you can play solo or team up with a friend and play cooperatively  in order to compete head to head against each other to earn the most points. Although Cate West: The Vanishing files game is a good one, I did find it a little bit slow in some areas including the storyline itself. That is not to say that you won’t have fun in exploring the different criminal scenes in search for them most valuable items that are on your list.  If you’ve a casual player of the hidden objects games, then you will probably enjoy this one. The graphics were ok, but I felt they were not well polished as they could have been and sometimes I couldn’t work out the images very well in the cluttered scenes. In summary Cate West: The Vanishing Files is a capable, yet uninspired hidden object game. Fans of the genre will find themselves entertained for a fair while, however the game has little to tempt newcomers to try this style of game.
Cate West: The Vanishing Files published by Oxygen Games




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