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Memento Mori

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 7 - 2009

Memento Mori is a 3D mystery adventure game that promises to be a chilling dark title that takes me into the world of conspiracies as I embark on this modern day detective story. The story unfolds as I play as Larisa who discovers that three pieces of priceless art have been stolen from the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. There are underlying facts that may suggest it was a secret society and with the help of Max I have to discover the missing art and work out the mysteries behind the heist and see if I can recover the paintings.

Colonel Ostankovic has been in touch with me, he is from the 12th department of the Petersburg Police and has ordered me to take over the case with the help of Maxim Durand who has knowledge of forgeries and has been arrested in the past. In this game you can take the character of Larisa or Max, each have alternate endings depending how you play the game, and solve the puzzles and how well you deal with situations. You can’t just hope and pray you make the right moves; you have to be pretty certain which means taking in all the details from people, listening carefully and thinking beforehand.


The art work that was originally in the Saint Petersburg Eremitage Museum has been stolen and replaced with a copy, so it’s time for me to get on my thinking cap and work out this mystery.


The opening scene takes me into a phone call from Colonel Ostankovic in which I discover the information about the painting and soon I’m undercover on the case with Maxim Durand.


From the moment I start the game up I am already captivated by its beauty. The 3D backgrounds and scenes are astounding and it has a great cinematic feel about it. I would go so far as to say that the graphics are breathtaking on this PC game. The attention to detail is finely polished and it runs smoothly on my computer. From the cut scenes I am introduced into the world of murder, mysteries, conspiracies and religion. It has an illuminati feel about it and I’m already intrigued by the surrounding mysteries of the paintings.


This is a point and click adventure that enables the player to be transferred into a 3D world. As I wander around my apartment which is pretty luxurious, I can interact with many objects. The inventory is clear and concise and I have a view of what I am able to carry and how I can interact objects with each other. The controls are smooth and perform well and the view from my character is very good as I glance around the apartment. I’m curious to interact with objects in the room as I walk across to the wardrobe to get dressed. I gather together as many interactive objects I can gather, because I’m thinking at this point that everything is essential and maybe valuable to my investigation. As I said before, the attention to detail is crucial and investigating everything in the apartment could help me. I discover various items that will aid me and some objects that need further investigation. What didn’t come apparent to me until later on in the game is that the objects you discover and find can be manipulated more than you realize. When I first picked up items I generally thought that they could only be seen by one angle, but then later I did discover that objects can be seen by all angles and there maybe something you miss if you don’t investigate and search more thoroughly. I remember getting stuck for ages thinking that I have all the items that I could possibly find, but could not progress any further. I soon realized I had missed a crucial bit of investigating let’s just say.


As I progressed through the game I was introduced to the map that gave me an overhead road map view of my apartment, Interpol and the museum, so there are no worries of getting lost. Approaching the Interpol I was met by Brigadier Damien Neville and the Brigadier Chief who I had a small conversation with and headed into the building behind them. This is where I get an urgent call on my mobile from Ostankovic who talks about some art paintings and informs me that there is nothing missing from the museum. He demands I get in touch with Max Durand and get him to St Petersburg as soon as possible. Max will help me in my investigation and he is the best man for the job. He may have been arrested in the past, but he knew his art and was good at establishing real paintings from fakes. I continue on my journey and explore the building to find a small office. In the office is a computer I have access to and soon discover various contact names and emails that will be useful for my investigation. I make contact with a few people through the use of the phone and continue my inquiries. Every piece of information is valuable and I listen carefully to the people I make contact with. Some are useful; some are not so great at helping me. Exploring the office, I find content that will be essential and leave the office and enter the elevator where I can explore the upper levels. Soon I discover a lab where I find someone working and on the table there is a small selection of photos. Can I tell the real paintings from the fakes? You’re have to play the game to find out yourself. I’m not giving everything away here.

I don’t think I can fault the game at all to be honest; the only things I had problems with were down to things that I had not explored enough which was just the view of objects. You have to look carefully at everything, because sometimes it’s very easy to miss something. The characters were enjoyable to play and the game ran smoothly throughout. The story was explained well and the graphics were a joy to watch. I believe there are several different endings to the game depending on who you played and what scenarios occurred. The game was captivating and reminded me of the days of the game ‘Syberia’ slightly, which was another point and click adventure. Excellent mystery crime game that will have you absorbed into a whirl wind adventure. This game maybe not to everyone’s liking, but appealed to me as I do like these sort of point and click adventures.



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