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Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 7 - 2009

As part of the Indie games on Xbox Live Arcade I decided to invest some time in a 2D platformer called ‘Nasty’ developed by Fun Infused Games. Starting the game up for the first time it almost had a retro feel about it. It reminds me of the old school games, the ones that are just simple, but have good game play. The game reminded me slightly of Bubble Bobble to some degree, with its ghosts and enemies, armed with a gun I continued forth on my quest.

You can play alone or in two player co op mode. That’s the thing I miss about some of the games of today, there just doesn’t seem to be enough two player co op games around. Your mission is to rescue the world from an evil invasion by a madman that has control over monsters and ghosts and various robots. Now there are one hundred levels to battle through and four different bosses to overcome.


There are three difficulty levels to choose from depending how brave or advanced you think you are. I chose casual, but I’m sure there will be many out there that opt for hardcore. I played through single player and co op mode. Nasty also includes a battle mode in which four other players can battle for victory by killing each other or by gaining points collecting gems and fruit and power ups. The fun about this particular game is that made me feel like I was gaming again in my teens, the whole retro feel was great as you blast your way through the levels.


I personally didn’t play all hundred levels, but I have no doubt in my mind that others will. Some people will feel that there is not enough to keep this game going with the basic 2D design, but with a friend it can be really good fun and at only 400 Microsoft points, it was a real bargain.









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