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WET Review

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 25 - 2009

Guns, Swords and Whiskey…Its time to get WET!

Published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Artificial Mind & Movement, WET is a highly stylised third-person shooter. It was written by Duppy Demitrius, famous for working on the TV series 24, and the voice of Rubi is provided by Eliza Dushku, currently starring in the TV series DollHouse.


The player takes on the role of Rubi Malone, a hired gun who must find and return a wealthy man’s wayward son. However, the job does not go according to plan and turns out to be far more complicated than first thought. The streets will run red with blood, as Rubi tries to find the man who betrayed her.

The game features a retro film style, with grainy visuals, larger than life characters, tunes inspired by the 70’s, cheesy adverts between the action and more blood and violence than can be healthy.


Rubi has some nice tricks up her sleeve. Dishing out more testosterone than the average Hells Angels meet and greet, Rubi is more than capable of dispatching any number of bad guys, and dispatching them with style. Using acrobatic mode, by pulling an acrobatic maneuver, will activate Rubi’s version of bullet time. Everything slows down and your left gun auto aims at the nearest enemy. The right gun (Rubi duel wields) can be aimed manually, allowing you to, in slow motion, take out a huge number of bad guys during a jump. The acrobatic maneuvers themselves include knee slides, jump, wall runs and even sliding down a ladder, upside down.


Get up close and personal and Rubi can take out the enemies with her sword. The sword also acts as a tool for opening doors and destroying boxes. If Rubi finds a bottle of whiskey, she can take a drink to restore health. She will then throw the bottle in the air and shoot it,’cos she is hard as nails.


The game is mostly about the action, with enemies coming from all sides for Rubi to dispatch. Occasionally you will come across an arena area where enemies will continue to respawn. You will need to find the respawn generators to stop this, and then finish off the enemies left to move on. In between the action, Rubi will have to use her acrobatic skills to reach targets and move the story on.


WET manages to maintain a style throughout that Quintin Tarantino would be proud of. Anyone who has seen Kill Bill or Desperado will recognise this style immediately. The game looks gritty and mean and, whilst not to everyones taste I am sure, sets a great atmosphere for the violence. The graphics themselves are not exactly groundbreaking, but the effects overlaid onto the game make that almost irrelevant. If you want pretty graphics, look elsewhere. This game is all about the  atmosphere.


Controlling Rubi can be a bit tricky at times. Without the acrobatic mode, aiming is quite difficult and it can take ages to finally kill an enemy. This will find most people leaping and sliding all over the place to take out the bad guys in slow motion. It just makes life easier. There are times when the acrobatics do not work exactly right, with Rubi continuing to slide whilst facing a wall for example. Also, sometimes the moves that you are aiming for simply don’t work and you end up doing something else. Players have to think on their feet and will find it difficult to plan their acrobatics in advance. The swordplay is quick and simple, usually dispatching an enemy with one slash.


The acrobatics used outside of combat are fairly straight forward, with leaping from platforms, swinging on bars and wall running between gaps. This type of gameplay is very similar to the Prince of Persia games, and works fine within the game.


I can understand that Wet is not everyones cup of tea. The graphics style, though atmospheric, may fail to impress gamers that are used to the more polished and shiny games. In my mind though, they will miss out on what I found to be an immersive, stylish game that is filled with memorable moments and strangely humorous interludes. I look forward to Rubi Malones next outing.




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