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Wolfenstein Review

Posted by GG Goblin On September - 9 - 2009

William “B.J.” Blazcowicz returns, in this new Wolfenstein adventure on PS3, Xbox360 and PC, to kick some mutant nazi butt. Isn’t he great!


Whilst completing a mission to destroy a Nazi ship, William comes across a medallion with some serious occult powers. It is discovered that this is a Thule medallion and the Nazis are using it, and others like it, to gain access to the Black Sun dimension. The Nazi scientists are harnessing the energy from the Black Sun dimension to develop some rather nasty weapons. So, off you are sent, to bring about the end of the Nazi research, and kick butt of course.

The game in itself does not really bring anything new to the table, apart from a great storyline. The popularity of WWII games is evident at the moment, and does not seem to be waning anytime soon. Right from the start, when you are thrown into a gun fight at the train station, you get to see the technologies that the Nazis have been working on. Trying to shoot down floating Nazis is something I was not expecting. Anyway, with the help of the local resistance and the black market weapons traders, you are soon heading off to the dig site, where you can hopefully find out more about what is going on.



As you progress through the game you will find out more about the powers of the Thule medallion. There are four powers in total, the first of which is the ability to travel through the “veil”. By activating this power, the player will see everything through a “night vision” type way, be able to pass through previously blocked doors and also be able to see weird bug like creatures floating around. The other abilities within the “veil” are mire, which basically slows down time, Shield, which blocks enemy bullets and Empower, which allows the player to shoot through cover. Everytime you use the medallion, it drains “veil” energy, which must then be replenished at various energy pools throughout the game. All in all, its a damn handy medallion.


During your mission you will come across hidden gold which can be used, along with rewards for completing missions, to upgrade your weapons. Different weapons can be found beside the corpses of your foes, of which there are quite a few for you to collect, from the standard rifle through to the very impressive electric Tesla gun.


Beyond the story driven missions in Wolfenstein, there is a wide open explorable world. Whilst this might sound like a great idea to begin with, and indeed may pass some time, it does get old very quickly. The locations that you can explore are a bit boring, with not a lot to see or do, and very “samey”. Do not fear though, the missions offer plenty to keep you busy, for a while at least. They are quite varied in their locations and offer up some interesting puzzles, most of which revolve around taking down the bosses. Each boss battle gives the player something different to think about, and will require a combination of weapons, veil powers and careful thinking to get past. The AI of the enemy is a bit quirky, with Nazis quite often making really stupid decisions. This is remedied by the sheer number of enemies that you come across, and to be honest, in the middle of a firefight, do you really care if the odd Nazi leaps in front of your gun?



Overlook the minor gripes in gameplay, and the main game will keep you entertained for a reasonable amount of time. However, the Nazi killing fun does not stop there. There is also a multiplayer mode to keep you busy. Multiplayer offers up three different modes, Team Deathmatch, Objective and Stopwatch. Although the modes offer nothing new to the multiplayer experience, although the ability to use the “veil” powers make it a bit more interesting. These powers are used differently from the main game, as the use is dictated by the class you choose to play as,be it Engineer, Medic or Soldier. Also, as you play, experience is gathered that unlocks new abilities and upgrades, making the game much more fun.



As I said before, the game does not bring anything groundbreaking to the FPS genre, but it offers a decent and solid story. The multiplayer has been done better by other games, but still offers a welcome addition to the single player game. Fans of the genre will find enough here to keep them busy for a good while, but there is nothing here to entice new players to join the FPS fanclub.




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