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Axel and Pixel

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 23 - 2009

Axel and Pixel are one of those cute and charming titles on the Xbox Live Arcade developed by 2k Games and Silver Wish games . The game is a point and click adventure that revolves around a painter and his dog as their house gets destroyed by a horrible ice giant and his rat minion. Together the painter and the dog embark on a mission to travel through the seasons. Axel and Pixel reminded me slightly of the Secrets of Monkey Island. You have to point and click on various items and combining them make your way through the 24 screens of adventure.

The game is a simple and easy concept in which the cursor lights up for the selected item to be chosen. You control the magic cursor with the L stick when you find an interesting spot. Therefore allowing the cursor to highlight an action and then press A to see what happens. If at anytime you find yourself stuck you can then hold the Y button anytime for a clue. You have three clues for each level. I tried not to use the clues, but I had to on some of the sections. The fewer clues you use, you can then earn achievements which then unlock bonus mini games.

axel 1

The painter can also collect paint tubes which then can then go onto colour his paintings. He needs to collect seven of these and they can be in the most obscure places at times. Although the game is simplistic, it did offer some major challenges in which I wanted to throw the controller at the screen.

axel 2

Take for instance the hot air balloon trial. You have to control a hot air balloon by pressing the A button to ascend and the LT to descend through some dark tunnels. Guiding the balloon you have to try not to hit the sides and while doing this collect fuel cans for your balloon. Sometimes we would run out of petrol causing our balloon to descend down again. This was a tricky part of the game as if you failed it would return you to the start all over again. This became increasingly frustrating and we would have liked to have seen some kind of check point through this part of the game, as it became slightly repetitive.

axel 3

Trying out the section where you had to use a monster truck over levels that had you ascending and descending over various large hills was brilliant fun, if a little difficult at times.

axel 4

The game offers beautiful backdrops and relaxing music, but is short lived. Although it was a joy to play. It offers a nice selection of puzzles, which captures a relaxing and enjoyable game. The art animation was one of the first things that caught my attention, because there was so much to look at with so much detail. At only 800 Microsoft points it’s definitely worth trying out. It’s not earth shatteringly exciting, and sometimes the pace of the game a little slow but it’s a great little point and click adventure.

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