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Dawn of Magic 2 Review

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 5 - 2009

Its the dawn of magic, again. Shouldn’t it be teatime by now?

Published by Kalypso Media, Dawn of Magic 2 is available on the PC. Based 10 years after the destruction of the undead Modo, Sky Fallen Entertainment return us to the world of Dawn of Magic to face a new threat. The Shadow Legions have laid siege to the world and are inflicting pain and suffering upon everyone. It is down to you, the hero, to stop the Legions, before its too late. Using your skills with magic and blade, you must journey through the worlds and halt the invasion.


People familiar with old school rpg titles will instantly recognise the style of this game. Upon choosing a character, the player will work through the game, completing side missions, whilst following the main storyline. The game begins in the Academy, where the player will be tasked with completing a number of simple quests in order to become accustomed to the games mechanics. These meaningless tasks will also give the player a chance to learn about the different schools of magic.There are 12 different schools of magic, with more than 100 available spells in total.


At the start of the game, the player can choose one of four playable characters. Thes are the awkward student, the fat friar, the weird gypsy and the bakers wife. Can I choose the fifth option please? Where is the warrior, ranger and wizard? I can understand that the developer is trying something different here, but I found none of these beginning characters appealing.


Once the player has completed the missions inside of the Academy, venturing outside may well be thought to be a pleasant change of pace. Sadly, it actually takes you straight to the other extreme, dropping the player straight in the deep end. There is no subtle learning curve here. Once the fluffy comfort of the Academy has been left behind, the sharp spiky bits that make up the outside world will hit hard. The monsters that you will encounter seem to be designed for a much higher level than your character. they are powerful and numerous. As a result, the player will find themselves running for their lives and dying frequently.


Of the hundred available spells, only a handful will be of use regularly. These handful of spells are powerful enough to even up a battle. However, using there spells drains your Chi (magic power) and, with potions a rarity in this game, will only be of use against small numbers of foes. When faced with hordes of enemies, guerilla tactics will need to be employed. Hit and run.


Each level is divided into increments, and upon reaching these “in between” levels, the player receives skill and spell points. Skill points can be used to progress the skills of the character. Spell points, on the other hand, have to be used in conjunction with scrolls to provide new, more powerful spells. Without the scrolls, the player will be left with stunted magical skills.


The games graphics are not too dissimilar to the original Dawn of Magic, which in themselves were uninspiring. The audio experience fares a bit better though, with a nice soundtrack that adds atmosphere. The controls are fairly straightforward and will be easily picked up by anyone with experience in this genre.

Dawn of Magic 2 is an action role-play game that is, sadly, a few years too late. There is no comparison with current rpg’s. Comparing the game with the older, more retro style rpg’s, such as Baldurs gate or Icewind Dale, is more favorable. It is still not the best example of that type, but it will provide some entertainment to people who are looking longingly at their copy of Baldurs Gate. The game is probably best suited to enthusiasts.



This game was provided for review by GamersGate


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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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