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Minion Master Multiplayer

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Sony Teases ‘Emagon’ Reveal for December 5th

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Spider-Man PS4 ‘New York City Open-World’ Trailer

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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 20 - 2009

Get your stylus ready for a drawing adventure.

Draw your own super hero and then send him to the battlefront of obstacles and these are all created by the simple touch of the stylus to bring images to life. Personally given the fact that I’ve also played Scribblenauts, it really doesn’t live up to much expectation. It allows you to draw your own hero and create physical objects within that world. Sounds like a great concept and I was excited by this idea, but this platformer leaves me feeling a little disappointed. Although Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter slightly improves on the previous title with different levels. As the hero you are called into town where the local villagers tell you that the valuable drawing book has been taken. You’re taken into a world where you discover the book and this is where the adventure begins.


You embark on your journey aboard a giant turtle ship, which was nice and you have to restore colour to the Raposa civilization. Drawing within the game enables players to draw on a blank canvas where you can draw anything your heart desires such as animals or humans.


A rough guideline shows you how large or what kind of shape your drawings should be. And there are various drawing implements to make your drawing look good and tools to improve your drawing skills, but I found the drawings within the boxes made my drawings look like something out of kinder garden which didn’t do me any favours to be honest. I also found the game a bit fiddly at times, with the pace of the gameplay being very slow.


It just didn’t have the magic that Scribblenauts had and I found myself wanting to just doodle for just the hell of it. Throughout the game you can draw various objects to help you with your mission and you can wander around the town talking to the various people. I just felt the game was a bit clumsy and did not live up to any great adventure. The background music was also slightly annoying and whimsical which made me just turn the sound off. This adventure game may appeal to the younger audience, but I felt there was little to entertain me here personally.


Unfortunately the game was plagued with annoying long and lengthy loading screens every time you wanted to interact with the canvas. Wandering around the village I got very bored and to some degree it seemed pointless to be going back and forth from the place. I felt a little disillusioned about how well the player can interact within this game, because I came away feeling a little disheartened. The graphics seemed a little washed out at time and I just wanted it to bring some sort of color to my game. With Scribblenauts available on the market, then I would choose that title over this one many times over even though it was developed by the same team.




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