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iBlast Moki Review (iPhone)

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 13 - 2009

The Moki are cute little creatures that just need to get home. Help them on their way with a well placed bomb. Nice!

Godzilab have created a monster, and the monster is you. You are tasked with helping the Moki get back to their home, which happens to be a swirling red vortex. The only way to help them is to detonate bombs in their vicinity and blast them into the vortex. It may seem mean, but it’s for their own good.


iBlast Moki is a physics based puzzle game where the player must position the bombs  correctly in order to launch the Moki into the red vortex. An arrow shows the predicted trajectory of the Moki. It does not stop there though. Progress through the game and more items become available to help send your Moki’s home. And more debris will litter the route to your success.


The game starts relatively simply, letting the player just blast the Moki home. Each new area that is opened introduces more problems and more solutions. By the final levels, the game will have you constructing complex combinations of various items, like balloons and rope, along with the bombs.

The physics in this game are very accurate and mean the the slightest variation in positioning or timing can result in success or failure.


Graphically, the game is bright and colourful and filled with nice little touches, such as the look of hurt on the Moki’s face when hit by a bomb blast. The sounds are simple and fit the game. The controls work well with the iPhones touch screen, although perhaps a bit fiddly at times for those with large fingers.


With 70 levels, addictive gameplay and the ability to pick up and play anytime, iBlast Moki is easily one of the best games available on the iPhone and should be enjoyed by everyone.

iBlast Moki is available on itunes here for £0.59. Visit the official website for more details http://godzilab-games.com/




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