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Lair Of The Leviathan

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 6 - 2009

In the third adventure we see Guybrush Threepwood in the quest for the La Esponja Grande only this time guybrush is seeing everything from inside of a giant manatee with the new title ‘Lair of the Leviathan‘ from Telltale games. My quest as Guybrush is to find La Esponja Grande, rescue Elaine from the evil Pox of Le Chuck and hopefully make it back alive in one piece. My story begins with a cutscene as Guybrush and Morgan Le Flay are swept up and swallowed up inside of a giant manatee and the mysterious psychic voodoo lady explains about La Esponja Grande and how I’ve got to recover this mysterious artefact. With just my boat the Narwhal and clumsy side kick Winslow to keep me company, a cutscene shows Coronado De Cava, another explorer who has lost his crew and he’s convinced I’m not who I say I am.

Hopefully I can win his trust and I tell him that I have brought my wife with me, but he wants proof of her existence. My only choice is to some how revive the mysterious Morgan Le Flay and she can pretend to be my wife. On arrival to the depths of this giant manatee Morgan Le Flay is knocked unconscious. She needs my assistance. Somehow I have to revive her with the minimal of clues to help me. I look over her body for some signs of life and check her pulse. I explore the Narwhal for items to assist me. I’ve collected a variety of items and head back to her inside the belly of the manatee. The things I have collected are sure enough the right items and she slowly comes out of unconsciousness.


Although I initially see her as an enemy, I soon come to realize that she may be of some use to me on my quest and she agrees to accompany me back to Coronado De Cava. She agrees to go back and pretend to be my wife. Coronado De Cava is suspicious of us both and decides the only way we can convince him that she is my wife is for him to ask a series of questions about us then he traps us both in cages above the ground. If we answer correctly then sure enough we will be released. There are a series of flashbacks. Eventually he lets us go. Coronado De Cava then tells us about the secret manatee grounds and it is the home of La Esponja Grande. He is also an obsessive explorer on his own mission. He tells us about his four crew members who disappeared, who were like sons to him and how he used to hear their screams. He says they perished and he needs to find the giant  grubs to make an inner ear as the Manatee has gone off course on its journey and the only way for them to get back on track is for someone to find the missing Cochlea. Very strange.


I fall into the belly of the giant manatee with Morgan Le Flay at my side. We are in the depths of the manatee and on a journey to find the digested crew that Coronado De Cava has told us about… It’s pretty dark inside and I begin my investigation. As with all monkey Island games, it’s purely a point and click adventure. The objective of the game is to find the clues, talk to people and investigate. The inventory is a simple one in which you can gather all the items you collect and even combine items with each other. There is also a magnifying glass incase you want to further explore items you collect. This is sometimes essential in some of the clue items.


Exploring the depths of the manatee I come across some delightful characters including a hippie named Moose, a pirate called bugeye and a spotty man playing the bongos. They explain that they love it down there in the belly of the manatee and it’s their slice of heaven. Moose the Hippie is serving drinks behind the bar and is accompanied by Santino the skeleton aka The Sandman, Tino T-bird and Sir Santino the duke of triumph who is propped up by the bar. Santino is a skeletal pirate, who doesn’t do anything at this point. Moose serves up drinks such as ichor and explains it’s the potent year of the orange. I ask him about the missing Cochlea, but he just tells me it’s a secret for the brothers only. He proposes a toast.


The next cut scene I see Elaine and Le Chuck and Le Chuck explains that there are seven more islands to be investigated around these areas. She is taken away by Le Chuck and his wide selection of monkeys that can use swords. So my plans are to rebuild the Cochlea inner ear in order for the manatee to start going in the right direction. I head back down to Coronado De Cava who is waiting in De Cavas Camp. At this point I’m unsure what to do but ask him. He informs me that I have to gather manatee grubs, in fact he wants One hundred thousand of them at which point I think this may lead into a very long and foreboding story.


The aim of this game is to explore as much as possible and talk to everyone. If you don’t you may find out later on down the storyline that you may missed something crucial and have to retrace your steps like I had to at one point. That’s pretty annoying, so you have to be highly observant at all times. In the darkness I explore more of the Narwhal as it sits inside the belly of the manatee and this is where I hear Winslow coughing. He has shut himself inside the quarters and refuses to come out. I explore the surroundings more and more and gather many items. In the distance I can hear Bongo drums being played so I investigate further. This is where I meet the Bongo Pirate as he sits and plays frantically to the beat. Around me in this area I can explore piles of treasure, and treasure boxes. I need to become part of their brotherhood, but they are not going to come around easy and some will need convincing that I am worthy of being in their group.  You will find out what you need to do from each of the pirates as they all require something from you. This can be in the form of something you say, do or find. But I’m not telling you, so you’re going to have to explore for yourself.. What I will say is this. Some things you find or say need to be in a required order and that can sometimes be very frustrating if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or have missed. Even though I sailed through a good deal of the storyline quite easily, towards the end I had missed certain things and had to retrace my steps which proved to be difficult at times. Most times I was going back and forth from area to area and some of the puzzles can be quite challenging.

The characters of the game are witty and Guybrush Threepwood still comes out with some epic and funny one liners throughout the whole story. His constant wit and sarcasm kept me in tune with his character and constantly reminded me of why I loved Guybrush Threepwood so much in the first place. His persistent questioning towards characters led me to believe that he is still a favorable character. Admittedly his humor was cheesy, but isn’t it always. He has a unique charm and charisma that makes positive viewing throughout and often seems to find himself in the most awkward of scenarios.

The graphics were very crisp and polished and what I’ve always come to expect of the monkey island series, some of the scenes being bright and colourful and inviting. Every time I sit down and play one of the monkey island games I’m never disappointed and come away satisfied. I think this is one of the best episodes by far. Although there were a few things that did rattle my cage but they were down to purely human error. Again if you don’t research, explore or ask enough of the right questions you can find yourself a bit lost and going over things again and again which can sometimes be a little repetitive This as always has been a true delight to play and probably one of my favorite point and click adventures of all time that’s easy to play with an interesting storyline to get you gripped from the very start. I look forward to many more exciting adventures with Guybrush Threepwood.




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