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Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 19 - 2009

Machinarium is a cleverly designed point and click adventure developed by Daedalic Entertainment in which the players explore an almost post apocalyptic environment where a strange metallic city is populated by robots. The beginning of the game sets the scene as a little robot who has been tossed aside onto a scrap heap in the city. Players must guide the little robot back into the metallic town to rescue his robot girlfriend and stop some villain robots called the ‘Black Cap Brotherhood’ before they destroy the central tower that houses the city’s ruler.

When I first heard about this game, curiosity got the better of me and I knew I had to play it. After several months of speculation surrounding the game and how great it was, I was already intrigued and prepared to put a lot of time aside for this point and click adventure.


As the player you are in control of a little robot who sadly has been dumped into this wasteland. Browsing over the screen my little robot was sat in an assortment of junk items that had been strewn across the landscape. A small red eyed creature about the size of a mole is scurrying around my little tin body. My robot body can be expanded to reach higher levels with the use of the arrow cursor. Players can also minimize the robot in order for it to become smaller. The game is set out clearly and simple and you can click and interact with objects around you.

A simple inventory shows you where items can be stored as this little robot can consume valuable items. Items can then be combined to create other useful objects to help you on your mission. You’re are allowed  one hint through each level and a small walkthrough book can show you a piece of that level. Each level will provide you with a puzzle to guide your robot through each of the thirty locations.


The puzzles are that of logical and lateral thinking and in order to progress through the game, you must be able to seriously concentrate on your surroundings providing that you take into account every fine detail. My first level of the game shows you as the robot who is missing some limbs.  You have to decide how you can provide your robot with it’s missing legs. Searching around you’ll find certain items that will enable you to move forward. Providing you have made your way through the first level that was quite straightforward, you will then be in the next environment in which you encounter a watch tower where another robot resides. This is the first indication that you are not alone in your city.


Watching carefully we see that another watch tower robot resides and keeps watch while another robot makes his way along the awaiting drawbridge to the other side, but unfortunately the draw bridge pulls up and you have to decide how you’re are going to make it across as well. You need a good thinking cap on with this game and the attention to fine detail is necessary when trying to solve the puzzles. Most of the scenes are shown in dark underground areas that remind me of fallout and a steam punk era lost to a forgotten city . As the robot you will have to pull yourself through holes and crevices.  A lot of time you will be faced with control panels and switchboards that you have to negotiate with. Some of them involved moving dials and working out the mechanics of constructions.

A great of time for me personally was trial and error in some of the puzzles as everything is not as straightforward as it seems. Generally most of the puzzles I could solve, but there were times where my sub editor had to stand in and take the reigns. Players will be confronted by the ‘Bad Cap Brotherhood’ who are inevitably out to cause trouble. My first encounter happened when I was captured by the brothers and imprisoned inside a small cell with just a toilet, a pipe and a rather creepy looking rag doll that needed a smoke.

Throughout the game you see a vast amount of dialogue that is displayed in speech bubbles. This tells you some of the details you need about the story and it can also indicate whether you are doing something wrong. I found the speech bubbles annoying in one area where I had to escape through a manhole mainly because they got in the way of the present screen I was trying to work on. Having said that though, the speech bubbles helped me with puzzles I got stuck on and there were a fair few of them.

The gameplay itself is probably the best I’ve seen in a long time for a point and click adventure. Frustrated at first I stared at the screen only for me to turn away, wait a while, have a little think about it and then want to come back for more. It’s a game that has an addictive streak about it, that I can only warn you about. Because once you start your journey with this game, you seriously won’t want to come away from it. It is frustrating but only through the fact that you’re thinking maybe not be ’quite’ outside the box at times. This game is challenging and raises the bar each time you succeed through each level. A game that sets it’s self aside from the rest and sets the bar high.

Graphically I was overwhelmed with it’s clearly illustrated drawings that define computer graphics so well. I felt like I had unearthed a world that time had forgotten and each time being absorbed in it’s beautiful backdrops. Clearly this is a game that has been developed and designed so greatly and is highly entertaining. Never did I feel that I wanted to give up without a fight. Staring at the screen for signs or a clear indication for the puzzles to make sense. Constantly racking my brain to gather logical or lateral thinking in a seemingly deep and comprehensive game. Whether you like point and click adventures or not, I can say without a doubt that it’s been one of the most enjoyable and entertaining games I’ve played in a long time on the pc. Look past the puzzles, the graphics and you’ll find a beautifully defined game that sets the level of understanding of a irresistible robot who’s one goal in life is to rescue his girlfriend and return to the metallic city that once had been his home.



This game was provided for review by GamersGate



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