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Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 13 - 2009

Once upon a time in the blissful and peaceful land that is Mushroom Kingdom, the folks are suddenly hit by blorbs, a strange and intriguing disease where the symptoms have your body ballooning out of control. A small toadstool is seen running to his mother after being kept so long by Mrs Ingletoad. Everything seems ok until his mother wants him to fetch his father. Oh no, look what’s happened to him? All sorts of strange things are happening as the mushroom kingdom is plagued by a mystery malady that has unfortunately left toadstool’s father as a rather strange inflated ball.

The cause and cure are unknown and day by day the number of blorbed toadstools swell. At this point there is only thing to do and that’s gather an emergency meeting with Princess Peach. After all, she doesn’t do much else apart from being kidnapped and wanting help. Everyone gathers at the conference hall where Princess Peach has sent word to all the Star Sprites that she needs help. She wants things to get back to normal. This is where ‘Starlow‘ the star sprite shows up, and alongside him is Doctor Toadly the kingdom’s famous doctor and his intern. Discussions pursue and eventually word gets round that the Princess Peach is in need of dire help. This is where Mario and Luigi step in to offer their services.


Meanwhile there is someone mysterious in the forest in a cape and he’s selling blorb mushrooms. Back at the castle chaos ensues as Bowser comes bashing his way towards Princess Peach. She’s so not in the mood for this; I’m assuming hormones at this point and she throws Bowser out of the castle. With Bowser licking his wounds and concerned about his pride he decides he wants to kidnap Princess Peach for real. No I didn’t get that bit either. Anyway – this is where you the player come in as you take on the character as Bowser on the top screen. The reason I say this is because as a player you have the choice to select through the storyline which set of characters you want to play. Bowser is controlled in the top screen, whereas the plumber siblings are resident in the bottom screen. This allows the player to swap between the top and bottom screen depending on what is needed for the story.


As bowser you wander around the deep and thick set forests and come across a Mushroom bar. I thought that was funny too. Here you’re be met by a rather shady merchant who wants to sell you a lucky shroom. He says if you eat the mushroom you will then be able to defeat Mario and it will give you some extra luck. Knowing that Bowser has a brain cell the size of a pea, he decides to eat the mushroom. Lord Fawful, a mad scientist turns up in his funky UFO and tells Bowser that he wants to take over Bowser’s castle. Gradually we realize that Mario and Luigi have been sucked into Bowser’s body. This is really cool as I liked the idea that one minute you were controlling Bowser on the top screen to being in the bottom screen as Mario and Luigi in the depths of Bowser’s anatomy. As I wandered around as Mario and Luigi I soon became accustomed to the controls. Using the directional pad simultaneously moves both Mario and Luigi. The A button allows Mario to perform an action whilst the B button allows Luigi to perform an action. Both buttons can be pressed together allowing Mario and Luigi to perform the action at the same time. This is also where both characters can use their hammers while working through the storyline. Mario and Luigi come across as very funny and lovable plumbers and even though Mario says ‘Let’s go’ in his Italian accent, I couldn’t help but think he kept saying ‘Mexico’.


Anyhow during my game play I was introduced to ‘Globins’. Globins are these small squares that appear in the game that can restore your HP and SP. The star menu is set up well enabling you to see your items, gear, info, and map. The select button shows you the layout of the region and your current location, which I found highly useful. As I wandered around I also came across some multi coloured boxes which are fragments that form special attacks, if I find all ten of the pieces I can then use the special attack which is pretty powerful in battle moves. The A and B also can perform attacks where I can kick a tortoise shell back and forth from both Mario and Luigi. All the levels offer something new and exciting enabling players to hit switches that react with Bowser on the top screen. Genius idea I thought. Playing through the game I’ve liked the idea of playing either Bowser or Mario and Luigi. There is a selection of shops throughout that game which enables players to purchase health top ups or gear , so that was never a worry.


Playing as Bowser you can smash boulders and fire up your flames scorch and destroy palm trees that may be blocking your path. You can use hot drumsticks as Bowser to replenish your health during excessive fighting sessions. I’ve levelled up quite a few times with Bowser and the rank system shows you how much you have advanced. Players will come across energy waves which are swirling circles that appear on the island which enable players to travel to different locations, almost like a warp machine. Discovering the beauty on Plack beach I bump into Brogue Monsieur who is French and he asks me to do various tasks, this is simple as I watch Bowser flex his muscles for the task ahead. Stimulating certain areas in Bowser’s body will have a reaction each time. I’ll let you find out about that one. Most of the time the game play is easy and very simple to get into, so much so that it’s been a very rare occurrence for me to put my Nintendo DS down over the last few days.


Travelling around the island you will bump into Lord Fawful many times, as he plans and tries to disrupt your mission and you’ll bump into Brogue Monsieur with his little blitties that have been scattered across the land. The blitties are strange little shaped squares that have a life of their own. There are 15 of them to rescue and they are hidden within the evil forest trees enemies. So instead of rushing in there and just defeating the enemy, you have to be a little more careful and vacuum them out before you kill the evil trees. Eventually players will see scenes of where the Goombas are in trouble. Will they survive?


Several battles into the game I did actually die, that was a sad moment as I sat there in disbelief. I had been so very careful throughout all the game play. I think my heart sunk a little, but luckily if you do enough wandering around you will find retry clocks. Yay, I hear you cry. Yes, I was absolutely overjoyed to say the least as I really thought that was it. I was doomed. The clocks come in very useful during the excessive boss battles, if you don’t want an early death. Investigation is a key essential when looking for hidden brick blocks as they hold valuable items that you will essentially need in your travels.

Fights will occur with strange looking treasure chests as well. One flung out from a tree and I was on guard to kill it as it tossed items at me, it was only then did I realize at times that them items were valuable to me and occasionally the chest would spit out boulders, and hammers, so you need to just be aware of that. Moving slowly around the inside of Bowser’s body I opened up different chambers of the body such as the arm centre, nerve cluster, chest station, nose deck and pipe yard and many more.

To say this game was brilliant is in fact an understatement. It’s highly addictive game play and astounding graphics makes this a title you’re going love to play hour after hour. Does anyone ever really get bored of Mario and his adventures?. I don’t think so. This game was thoroughly enjoyable and is going to be a classic favourite amongst all those who love them crazy Italian plumbers. An excellent new addition to the Mario and Luigi RPG franchise.




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