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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Review

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 20 - 2009

Its time to get those tights out of the wardrobe and find your cape. The Marvel Universe needs you!

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is published by Activision and is available on Xbox360, PS3, PSP and Wii. A group of superheroes in training, wanting to impress their peers, decide to try and capture a second rate group of supervillains. This goes catastrophically wrong, resulting in the near destruction of an entire town, and triggering the chain of events that leads to the Marvel universes Civil War. The government passes a law that all heroes must register their real identities, or risk being outlawed. This leads to a division in the Marvel world, with heroes such as Iron Man championing the law, whilst heroes such as Captain America resist the invasion of privacy. This is the underlying focus of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.


This sequel begins by putting the player/players in charge of a team of heroes on a secret mission along with the enigmatic Nick Fury. The team consists of four heroes and the player is able to change between them at will. Each hero has different powers and can team up with another hero to perform the powerful fusion powers. The game follows a tried and tested formula, combining action with a role-play element, whilst exploring an environment filled with enemies.


The game can be played by up to four players either locally or online, allowing you to team up with your buddies, grab your favorite heroes and work through the game. The game is played simply with simple button presses to jump, light attack, heavy attack and grab/throw. Team up with another hero and you can activate your fusion power. This is a special attack where each hero uses their power to unleash a powerful combined attack.


Working through the game will unlock more and more of the heroes from the Marvel Universe that we have all come to love, with the total roster of heroes being very impressive. Expect to see cameos from your favorite super villains as well. At some point during the story, the player will have to choose a side in the civil war. This will limit the choices of playable heroes, and also change the story to some degree. Whilst these changes won’t be huge, it will, at times, put the player on the other side of the fence, so to speak.


I am a huge Marvel fan, so it goes without saying that I was really hyped about this game. Sadly the Civil War storyline is not followed as faithfully as perhaps fans would want, but that maybe just me being geeky. The game itself plays really well. The levels that you work through are suitably dungeon-like with some truly epic boss battles. The sheer volume of heroes, super villains and lackeys in this game is incredible, and the reasonably straight forward gameplay makes the game an enjoyable experience, for fans and newcomers alike.


The games visuals are colourful and faithfully represent the Marvel world. The heroes and villains are all well animated and the game has made real progress from the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The upgrade system is well polished and the inclusion of a quick-upgrade system is well executed and makes playing multiplayer easier. The sounds and effects fit really well with the feeling of the game, and only help to immerse you in this exciting world.


The inclusion of the Fusion powers is great, but they seem to lack variety. The claim of over 250 Fusion powers is, I am sure, true. However, when the differences between a lot of those powers is just about colour, its not so impressive. I had also hoped for a more faithful re-telling of the Civil War story, with epic battles between the two factions of super-heroes. The story is great, but it misses out a lot of what made the Marvel Civil War an epic event in the Marvel universe.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is an amazing game, with just a couple of small faults. Marvel fans should all play this, but you don’t have to be a fan to get  alot out of this game. Playing single player is great, but the most fun is to be had in multiplayer mode. I can only hope that the next MUA follows the story a bit better.




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