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Ninja Captains Review (Wii)

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 19 - 2009

I have never trusted cats. They always seem very secretive, and now I know why. It’s because they dress up like Ninjas and try to save the world. I should have known!

Ninja Captains is a party game from developers Nordcurrent and is available on both Wii and DS. The main stars of this game are the Ninja Captains themselves, although why they are captains is a mystery to me. These four cats dress themselves as ninjas and embark on a number of mini games.


The game has a story mode and a party mode. The story mode finds our feline heroes taking on the unenviable task of trying to defeat the giant robotic mouse that happens to be destroying their city. All four clumsy cats leap onto a plane and travel around the world, stopping at various cities, in an attempt to find the giant robotic mouse. At each city they must participate in a mini game to continue their quest. On completing a mini game, that game then becomes available in party mode. Party mode gives access to all of the unlocked games and challenges the player to try and beat their score. Both the story and party mode can be enjoyed by up to four players.


The Wii is currently inundated with party games. Some are truly amazing, others are guaranteed to clear your party quicker than swine flu. Ninjas Captains, thankfully, is not that bad. There are 20 mini games to unlock in story mode, which is a good start. At least there is variety in this game. The games differ quite  alot from each other. Some games require more luck than judgement, such as the bus surfing game where the player must duck under or jump over branches whilst standing atop a speeding bus. Other games require quick wits and observation, such as the first game in story mode which finds the clumsy cats handing out sick bags on a plane. Although some of the games can become frustrating, this at least gives a good variety of games to play and increases the replay value, if only by being able to choose the games you enjoy in party mode.


First the games have to be unlocked in story mode before enjoying them in party mode. This could have been a problem in some of the more frustrating games. However, Nordcurrent have thought of this and included a baby mode that becomes available after a number of failed attempts.


Gameplay consists of the usual waving, waggling and jabbing of the wiimote that you would come to expect from a Wii party game. The visuals are not exactly groundbreaking, but they do a good job of conveying the humour within the game. The game is very funny and will appeal especially to youngsters. The games soundtrack is nothing short of annoying and, given that there is no dialogue ( they are cats after all), may well warrant turning off the volume.


Ninja Captains is a funny party game with a good selection of mini games. Whilst not the best in its genre, it is thankfully far from the worst and will provide hours of entertainment to kids and their parents.




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Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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