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Nintendo Presents ‘Style Boutique’

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 27 - 2009

Nintendo presents Style Boutique is the new fashion game available on the Nintendo DS. Taking fashion to the next level for fashion and design. The aim of the game is to become a super sales assistant and rise up the career ladder with the knowledge you obtain through dealing with customers on an everyday basis. There are 10,000 items of clothing to discover and unlock.

The idea is that you must show your boss that you have an eye for fashion and you know how to deal with the general public. The game starts off with you having to fill out an application form with your details and what currency you want to work in. If successful you will be starting your new job in a shop called ‘Primavera’. The Nintendo DS is held in a book like fashion in order for you to see on the right side the customer that enters the store and the left screen to show the amount the person is carrying and what they’re likes and dislikes are in fashion. Usually when the customer comes in they are looking for something specific and it’s down to you to work it out.


My first customer is Zoe and she has a budget of  2,000 to work with. Zoe loves elegant things and owns ten cats. She tells me that she saw some ‘Simple Jeans’ in a magazine feature and wondered if we had any in the store. Customers have the choice to ‘try it on’ and you should choose this option if you’re confident she’ll like it. The left screen offers the option of being able to view how the clothing looks, by rotating it. If you can also try the ‘Take a look’, if you wish to get a customers opinion on an item. You can ‘take a look’ up to three times. The screen also shows you the amount spent and the shop funds as well.


My next customer is Chantal and she has a budget of 1, 040.00, she likes lively places, she likes parties and she’s very excited about going to a glamorous ball next week and feels pretty excited. She wants a formal dress, that’s dazzling and brilliant. You’re given a selection of clothes to look through, but it’s pretty clear what each customer is looking for. It’s a matter of logical and practical thinking. You’re also introduced to other members of staff that work at Primavera including Renee who has been working there for a month now. During the time spent at Primavera you will have the opportunity to work your way up the career ladder as a sales assistant to actually running your own fashion boutique.


There is an opportunity to win fashion contests by dressing up the models in the most desirable fashion clothing and the chance to meet up with local hairdressers and beauticians. There is also a chance to look through magazine covers that have special features.


The aim of that game is to be the perfect sales assistant, choose appropriate fashion clothing and treat people very nicely. You can stock up your store with 16,000 different designer labels. Each day a new customer will be on your doorstep with what they have in mind and what budget they have to work within. Once you’ve gained experienced you can move on with your own store and try to gather the latest fashion clothes for each new season.


There is a simple map that allows you to explore other areas of the town or if there is an event you can attend and you can save in your apartment. Linked up with three of your friends you can host your own runway contest and see who the best fashion guru is. Also if players have Style Savvy cards they can connect locally to visit each other’s stores.  You can customize your character by changing everything from your hair to your eye make up. There is plenty to choose from at the end of the day.

Even though this game teaches children the ideas behind fashion and polite etiquette throughout the game, I couldn’t help wonder whether it teaches them about value for money as most of the customers seemed to have thousands of pounds to start with. Although the game catches the imagination of the fashion industry, I felt to some degree that some children may find it a little unrealistic.


The game was filled with pretty clothes and accessories; in fact there was so much to choose from. It gave a nice variety of fashion clothing with some brand labeling, and the idea that you can then create your own fashion store later down the line sounds very appealing. I think all little girls to some degree would like to have full control of their own store, working with new designs in fashion. But I couldn’t help wonder whether the outlay would initially appeal to all girls. Girls love make up, they love dressing up and sharing accessories, but would they be happy just serving an awkward customer day after day, especially as some of the customers were pretty awkward at times.

There is a fun element of the game that allows you to explore your own eye for fashion, especially for the girl that wants everything. There is a vast selection of clothes to choose from and it gives a small but brief insight into the world of fashion. The animation on the cut scenes were pretty good, although I felt let down by the initial game play as most of the characters seemed rather pixelated and I thought that was shame.

The music was absolutely annoying to the point where I wanted to stick in my own headphones and listen to my own sounds. I really wish they had tried to make different music for each customer or something, but it was rather repetitive and if I hear that shopping mall music again I cannot be responsible for my actions.

I’ve seen what Nintendo have tried to do with this title. They’ve tried to make it into a sim like game while trying to add a storyline and it does work to some extent. Not only will girls enjoy the vast amount of clothes to choose from, they will also have the responsibility of being kind to customers, listening to what people want and hopefully run their own store one day. This is a fashion like sim game that will appeal to some little girls, but I feel that it won’t hold their attention for long with fashion moving as fast as it does. I feel it may become outdated before it’s time.




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