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Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 21 - 2009

Scribblenauts is a completely new experience to me. With my stylus in my hand, I was prepared to write down something!.Scribblenauts offers players with two types of gameplay and more than two hundred levels. Basically players use their Nintendo DS interface to help their character Maxwell to acquire the Starite in each of it’s levels by solving various puzzles.

Players jot down the word for the chosen object that comes into their mind in order to reach the goal and bring the objects to life. Each level has more than one written object to use as a solution which enables endless play.


In Scribblenauts, players can make their way through ten worlds, each with eleven puzzles and eleven action levels for a total of two hundred and twenty challenges to complete. Each of the levels has a ‘par’ for the number of objects suggested to finish that level. Finishing each level with an under ‘par’ earns the player ‘Ollars’ which is the game currency.

When I first saw this title come to the Nintendo DS I was pretty excited. This game offered a different concept to gaming and one I had never seen before. There were some reservations when I first heard about the game, but playing it I now see what all the excitement was about. Trying the game for the first time, I couldn’t help but write rude words into box, I think everyone tried that out just to see what the limits were as such. According to research there were over 22, 000 words that could be inputted into this game and even then the company had to allow for English and American phrases to be changed because of the difference. It was a really easy game to get into and I was completely drawn to the cute sprites in this particular title. It offered some pretty amazing puzzles in which you can write the word to create the object and then solve it. Occasionally it did become a little fiddly, but there is a sandbox mode in which you can practice and learn from.




Progressing through the levels I noticed that on one level you had to use a helicopter to hover in the sky to get across to the other side. I found it a little hard to fly, but the amazing thing was that if you crash your helicopter it does actually short out and may electrocute you and any local fish near by so there was some real elements to contend with. This game is amazing fun, mainly because the game play has such a replay factor because each time you try and solve a level, you can try and experiment with different objects. You also have to remember that physics and gravity take a vital part in this game, so you really have to think when writing your objects as I found out later on in the game.

Scribblenauts has a cute and loveable feel about it, always offering the players something new and interesting on each of it’s levels. Although the game is pretty amazing, it did have some flaws in which the touch screen became a little over sensitive and it had trouble recognizing the letters you wish to write.


The level editor allows you to create your own personal levels with the possibility to play them at a later date and you can also share them with your friends via the Nintendo Wi-fi connection system. Which is pretty handy. The graphics although cartoon style offer a cute and irresistible game and the presentation does fit well into the game and they are simple and colorful. I found this DS game much better than ‘Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter‘ which was also developed by 5TH Cell The sounds are basic and there are no voices either, just a few weird and strange babbling noises.

If you haven’t tried Scribblenauts yet, I strongly suggest you do as you’ll be quite surprised how well the game play grabs your attention. It’s a game about lots of experimentation and puzzle solving which is quite logical and simple. Not only does it provide endless game play, you’ll have fun just inputting the words to begin with, just to see what you can create. I recommend you give this one a try!




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