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Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Headset

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 12 - 2009

A travel headset from Sennheiser for gamers,  so you know they are gonna be good.

When I consider playing a PC game online, I reach for my faithful usb headset. I have had this headset for years, and although they were cheap at the time, I have never really needed anything more. So when the opportunity came to try out a Sennheiser headset, I jumped at the chance. I could find out if you really do get what you pay for.

The PC300 G4ME headset is latest addition to Sennheiser’s range of gaming headsets. Designed primarily for the traveling gamer, the PC300 headset is small and lightweight, featuring an earbud design. With colour coded jacks for headphones and microphone, they are easy to setup. Packaged with the headset are three different sizes of ear sleeve, to provide the optimal fit, a two-metre extension cable and a rather nice travel pouch. The headset itself is black and features a volume slider and a microphone.


I was interested in how the headset would feel, given the earbud design. I use earbud style headphones with my ipod, which I find far more comfortable than the standard style ipod headphones. But for gaming I am used to a big headset with a microphone curling around my face. I decided to try them out with the ipod first, to get an idea of the sound quality. As soon as the music started, I could tell the difference between these and my usual headphones. Firstly they do a great job of blocking out the sounds around you, allowing you to play the music at a much lower volume, which has got to be a good thing. The quality of sound coming through this headset is simply amazing. I am no audio expert, but even to my untrained ears the music seemed fuller and more involved. The PC300 G4ME is designed primarily as a gaming headset, but for listening to music it performed admirably.

Next up I tried them out with the PC. It felt a bit weird at first, as I was used to a big, cumbersome headset. But after a while I was very grateful of the minimal weight. The sound quality was even more impressive when gaming. The reduction of environmental noise allowed me to become very immersed in the game. The quality was so good that I am now considering buying some new speakers, so that I can experience games the way the developers intended. The microphone, which hangs comfortably on the chest, also works well. It does a great job of removing background noise, allowing your words to be heard clearly by your friends, without the need to shout or alter your normal speaking voice in any way.


The headset is one metre in length, but comes supplies with a two metre extension, for those who perhaps game on the big screen from the comfort of their sofa. Some people may prefer to go with a wireless solution, but these are the perfect solution for when your battery is flat and in my mind provide far better sound quality than any wireless headset I have used. Three different sizes of sleeve are provided for different sizes of ear. These are supremely comfortable and provide a nice tight fit, minimising the chances of them falling out. The case has a rubberised finish with a really nifty magnetic clasp. Although not large enough to carry both the headset and the extension, the small size means that the case sits easily in the pocket whilst protecting your investment.


The overall quality is what you would expect from Sennheiser. They have a simple design that oozes quality. They are solid and look great. The small touches are appreciated, such as the little clip on the microphone jack allowing you to secure it out of the way when using just headphones.

The PC300 G4ME headset from Sennheiser will be available for around £65, which is a lot of money for most people. But this is truly a case of getting what you pay for. They are worth every penny.




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