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Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold Review

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 19 - 2009

So, you think that you could do a better job of running the world? Well, nows your chance to prove it!

Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold was published by Paradox Interactive and is available on the PC.

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Supreme Ruler 2020 places the player in the unenviable position (for me anyway) of running a country in the near future. There are more than 250 territories to choose from, and it is up to the player to lead their chosen country to success, or at least survival. Using an incredibly detailed map of the world, the player must take control of the diplomatic, economic and political aspects of their chosen country, along with creating and maintaining a military presence. Do not fear though, the game comes complete with a number of ministers that can run certain areas for you. These ministers are under your complete control though, and you can set them certain targets or guide them in certain directions.

Global Crisis is included in the Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold pack. This expansion to the original game includes a number of improvements to the graphics and interface, the inclusion of more tutorials and tips, 20 new scenarios and new multiplayer scenarios. Global Crisis paints a grim possibility of the future,based on recent events around the world.

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Paradox Interactive have yet again managed to bring into the world a game that has such depth and possibility that the average game player may be lost within the scope of it all. In a similar way to games such as Hearts of Iron 3, Supreme Ruler 2020 is a massive undertaking. And herein lies its flaws. The game is incredibly complicated, and will put a lot of gamers off as soon as they look at it. Being confronted with a highly detailed map and a huge number of menus is a scary prospect. Knowing where to start is indeed a task. The massive manual and the slightly better than useless tutorials do nothing to ease the player into the game. Newcomers to Supreme Ruler will have to either employ vast amounts of trial and error, or just curl up in a ball and cry.Fortunately, the ministers provided within the game do a good job of taking the pressure off. They are quite capable of running things on your behalf and working towards your goals. However, this does not mean that you are let off the hook. Even with the ministers help, there is still plenty that you must give your attention to.

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Beyond the complexities of the game lies an amazing gaming experience. Graphically the game is good for what it is.Zooming in will take the player close enough to see units and complexes in detail. The sounds are fairly basic, but do the job. Being able to hear the constant conflicts of other countries became a bit tiresome, simply because there were so many of them.

Anyone looking to try this game for the first time should head to the scenarios as a matter of urgency. These scenarios offer a simple way to learn the game, if the word simple can be used with this game. Working through the scenarios will give the player attainable goals in one area of the game.

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Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold is a mammoth undertaking and should be considered only marginally easier than taking over the world for real. Fans of the genre will have a lot to be happy about here, however newcomers may find themselves completely out of their depth. Learning to play for the first time will need an investment of time and patience, but the sense of achievement is worth it.



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