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Texas Wuggle Review (iPhone)

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 15 - 2009

Its time to get wuggling again in this new poker-based game from Wuggle creators, 4J Studios.

Texas Wuggle is available for iPhone and iPod Touch and was developed by Dundee-based 4J Studios. The premise is simple, make a poker hand from the cards available on the screen. Gather the cards in one place and then strike them together by sweeping your finger across the cards. The usual poker ranks apply, with two pairs through to the much sought after, rarely seen Royal Flush. In a slight departure from the poker style gameplay, if the player is having trouble finding a hand, they can choose to use a bomb. The bomb allows you to change a card on the table to something, hopefully, more appealing. You start the game with three bombs and get a new bomb with each hand, with the maximum being three.

Screenshot 2009.09.18 11.49.22_600x400

There are two game modes available, Survivor and Spree. In Survivor mode, it is a race against time to make as many hands as possible, and as much money as you can. The bets are made automatically for you and the winnings are dictated by how quickly you can find the hands.

Spree mode is much more laid back and allows the player time to think. This time there is no time limit, but instead a limit of ten hands is imposed. Make as much money as you can within the ten hands by placing your own bets based on the two cards you are allowed to see.

Your game will start in a grubby warehouse with your aim to make enough money to advance to the big money table at Las Vegas.

Screenshot 2009.09.18 11.52.01

The two modes offer two distinct styles of gameplay. Survivor will appeal to the puzzle gamers out there, with speed and accuracy being needed. There were times in this mode that I found I could not move my fingers quick enough to finish a hand. Spree, on the other hand, will appeal to the poker players, as it is much closer to the real game.

The games graphics are great. As the player advances through the different play areas, the tables change to show this, from dirty back alley tables to pristine casino tables. This gives the player a real sense of progress. The games atmosphere is further enhanced by some great sound effects and catchy background music.

Screenshot 2009.09.18 11.51.11_600x400

This is a game that will appeal to most people. It is not a true Texas Hold’em game, but has enough to entertain if that is what you are looking for. 4J Studios have managed to develop a game that will give hours of fun to poker lovers and puzzle gamers alike.

Texas Wuggle can be found on iTunes here for just £0.59




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