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365 Puzzle Club Review (iPhone)

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 13 - 2009

Could you do a number puzzle every day, for the rest of your life and beyond?

365 Puzzle Club from Connect2Media offers players a lifetimes worth of fiendish number puzzles to test the brain. The game will offer you a collection of Sudoku, Kakuro and Tenpenki puzzles in a variety of different modes. Lets look at the puzzles first.

I would think that everyone has heard of Sudoku,especially after its rise to popularity a few years back after being championed by Carol Vorderman. The Sudoku formula doesn’t change, but there are two new kids on the number puzzle block. Kakuro and Tenpenki are also included in this package of number puzzle goodness. They both have their roots in the same place as Sudoku, but offer a different experience. Kakuro is best described as a crossword with numbers, whereas Tenpenki makes you fill in a grid in accordance to the numbers given on the top and left sides. Players may recognise this from the DS game, Picross. Like Sudoku, both Kakuro and Tenpenki are easy to pick up, but oh so difficult to master.


Where 365 Puzzle Club stands out from the rest of the number games available out there, is the game modes. Quick play offers just that, a quick number game to exercise the grey matter. Seasons mode will set the player on a campaign of sorts with a selection of puzzles to work through. Most innovative though is the calendar mode. Each day you will be given a new puzzle to work out and progress is tracked each month. These scores can then be uploaded to an online leaderboard, giving you the incentive to try harder next month.


The presentation of this game is first rate. All of the puzzles are crisp and clear and are easily manipulated. There are tutorials for each of the puzzle types and four difficulty levels, allowing newcomers and veterans alike to enjoy the mind bending numerical enigmas. Also the quantity of puzzles in this package is amazing, with enough puzzles to make your brain ache through until 6th November 2282.

If you love number puzzle games, are looking to try them out, or just attempt the daily sudoku in the newspaper, this game should be considered. 365 Puzzle Club is available on the itunes store here for £1.19/$1.99




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  1. DaddyNewts Said,

    “Could you do a number puzzle every day, for the rest of your life *and beyond?*”

    Probably not, no – I’d be dead.

    Posted on November 15th, 2009 at 8:43 pm

Set to launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 15th.


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