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A Boy and His Blob

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 10 - 2009

A Boy and his Blob is reborn once again on the Nintendo Wii after its success on the Nintendo NES back in 1989 by Majesco Entertainment. How I remembered playing that game back then and enjoyed playing with the lovable Blob.

Thinking back to then it was a whole new experience allowing players to transform the blob into some creative and rather amazing objects. Although I do recall getting stuck a few times along the way, trying to solve the puzzles in an effort to succeed through the various levels.

screen_5_27_0002_Layer 20_600x337

This time Blobolonia is threatened by an evil emperor and the Blob has nowhere else to turn but to ask for help on earth. He encounters a young boy who will eventually help the Blob to overthrow the evil emperor and restore Blobolonia to the peaceful and calm place that it once was. Over time a friendship is formed between the Boy and his Blob in which they can truly engage, once again helping each other out in times of trouble.

screen_5_27_0009_Layer 13_600x337

The objective of the game is still to feed your Blob the amazing range of jelly beans and watch it transform into some interesting structures that will help you to solve the puzzles and eventually escape.

screen_5_27_0003_Layer 19_600x337

It was amazing to see ‘A Boy and his Blob’ once again back; this time I was experiencing it on the Nintendo Wii, Which has to be said was rather amazing considering I was playing it on the NES all those years back. So much had changed graphically and even as I was praying that remaking it on the Nintendo Wii wouldn’t be a mistake (because not all retro games can make it back in one piece on the modern consoles), I was very delighted. The surprising animation that was brought to my attention was great, as they had more or less kept the same form for the boy and his blob. There were little changes here and there but all was very pleasing to the eye. It was bright, crisp and colourful and the cut scenes were absolutely splendid with a rather nice and relaxing background noise.

screen_5_27_0016_Layer 6_600x337

The game starts out in the Tree House Hideout in which you can access all the other worlds. There are four worlds and there are 10 levels within. Here you can unlock bonus content and even play the unlocked challenge levels in the current world. The world Map allows players to see the progress they are making and it gave me a clear concise layout and it informs you on how many treasure boxes you have discovered on each level. I managed to find most of the treasure chests; or rather the Blob finds them as it gulps them up. Treasure boxes can be found in some very interesting places, but you’ll have to play the game to discover where they are.  In the unlockable Bonus content, you can find various items such as artwork which was pretty amazing.

screen_5_27_0013_Layer 9_600x337

In each level of the game you can find treasure chests. Follow the visual effects to discover secret areas that may have treasure chests hidden in. There are 40 levels and the option to unlock 40 special ‘Challenge levels’. The simple and sometimes too easy gameplay allowed me to flow through each level easily, listening to the relaxing background music and absorbing me into the game.

screen_5_27_0001_Layer 21_600x337

Playing with the Blob again was like riding a bike. You never forget how to play with it. Although that’s not strictly true as I accidentally pressed down on the control pad in which I yelled at my Blob. It was an accident and the blob turned a shade of pink to show how unhappy it was. Using the B button I could cast a jellybean into the path for blob to consume and turn into something useful to help me on my quest. It had the amazing ability to transform into an Apple Jack, Berry Balloon to allow the blob to  float up to high platforms, punch hole that allowed me to create holes that I myself  would fit through, Pear Parachute which I found very useful when it forms an handkerchief parachute that allows players to glide down from high areas, Liquorice ladder that enabled me to reach platforms that were out of my reach, Banana Anvil, and the Tangerine Trampoline that was actually very good as it catapulted me off into the sky when I bounced on it.

All the transformations were exciting and fun to use, although some had to be positioned exactly right to reach certain areas of the game. Exploring each level I found myself feeling like I was a youngster again, the magic was still there and the blob remained, well, a blob. Blob was still cute. Who couldn’t love it? Through the game when it got lost sometimes while chasing after me, I would call it and then give it a hug, because it’s a blob and that’s what I like to do. I didn’t like scolding the blob, although you can use this to your advantage to keep your blob remaining still. Blob gets lots easily, so try either to slow down through game play to allow you’re blob to catch up or just use one of the buttons to call your blob. I loved also the character voices on the game and how cute the game was. This sort of game will appeal to a young audience although some older players may play it for the nostalgia.

This clearly is a great puzzle game which is endearing and fun to play. Set aside your fears of this game being just a remake, a boy and his blob holds its own in the current market. It’s a beautifully illustrated game with a simple story and fulfilling game play which was charming and a delight to play.




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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Turtlegirl73 and Diane, Diane. Diane said: A Boy and his Blob Review http://tinyurl.com/yjr9ezs Gotta Love The Blob ! […]

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

  2. Philip Murphy Said,

    Great review, I remember attempting to play this game on my nes back in the day but got stuck 5mins into it lol what can i say i was very young at the time lol. Enjoyed reading this review and agree the graphics look really good from those screen pics. This game could turn out to be a hidden gem =0)

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 at 10:19 pm

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