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Band Hero

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 18 - 2009

Band Hero developed by Activision allows family and friends to rock out together on a virtual stage and make their way to Stardom. Band Hero features the latest charts and hits from a selection of genres and famous bands such as Snow Patrol, Lilly Allen and Jackson 5. Band Hero is the ultimate in rhythm party games where you can be the star and create a band. Players can use all instruments to play together to form some amazing music with the combination of guitar, drums and vocals.

I’ve played a wide selection of music games including Guitar Hero and Rock Band and was excited to play Band Hero on the Xbox 360. This game is advertised as a stand alone Guitar Hero game that enables you to play Band Hero with all the same instruments and allowing players to ‘Rock Out’ to hits by artists such as ‘All American rejects’ or ‘Taylor Swift’ and other outstanding bands.


My first initial thoughts are that although there is a vast selection of music covering a whole host of famous bands, I didn’t think they were as good as other titles I had played. There are many choices to offer players, but I didn’t think the songs had as much impact and seemed a little softer. Most of the songs seemed very gentle, where as other titles such as Guitar Hero 5 offered a wider choice.

BH 2

Band Hero covers 65 track lists and in my mind that seemed quite a good number, but when compared to other music titles it seemed a little on the small side. Most of the top pop hits do span through a decade of music, but I felt it favored much older songs in this particular game. Band Hero is potentially Guitar Hero, just with new songs added.

BH 3

Although Band Hero is still a very good game, it feels like Guitar Hero rebranded. Career mode is exactly the same in the way it is played and presented. You still have to work your way through a selection of venues, unlocking new songs along the way and you still have to hit the right combination of coloured buttons that stream down the screen and unlock items and equipment for your character. Band Hero comes across as being more of expansion than a complete rebrand franchise. The game is still fun to play while rocking to your favourite tunes. You can also unlock pop group ‘No Doubt’ or lead singer from ‘Maroon 5’, which may appeal to gamers.

BH 4

There is quick play mode, career mode, leader boards and the GH Studio to create your very own music. Another new addition is that your avatar can be played in this game which makes the whole experience a little more appealing as you see your character rocking out on the virtual stage. There is an online mode that allows you to play together in the selection of modes that are on offer.

BH 5

The karaoke microphone aspect works quite well just like Lips and Sing star, but felt that it was not as forgiving if you sang a song slightly off key or maybe that’s just my singing. It also includes newer features such as Party Play, which allows players to start any song instantly from the main menu and play any instrument you want, All the other Guitar Hero features are in this game including the music studio which is called GH Studio’.

This is an ideal game if you favour more pop songs than rock songs. It has a much ‘softer’ feel to it to be honest. The quick play jump in also allows four players to grab an instrument during career mode or multiplayer mode which is quite good fun with friends. Playing my guitar I couldn’t help thinking that all the same ideas and features were nothing new as they have been in so many titles before. I would have liked to see something new with this particular title.

Graphically where Guitar Hero was vibrant with its colours and pop themed backgrounds. Band Hero seems a little bit different with everything geared more towards a teenager with everything being turned down a little. A whole host of celebrities can be unlocked within the game including ‘Gwen Stefani’ and ‘Taylor Swift’ and many more. Although other titles had a more hardcore process of you trying to climb the stardom ladder, Band Hero makes you feel like your playing on American Idol. Basically if you’ve played Guitar Hero, then I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll like Band Hero. If you do end up purchasing both Guitar Hero and Band Hero they are both compatible with each other which is great. If you’re new to the rhythm games then this maybe an excellent title for younger teenagers and parents.





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