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Golden Moments

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 1 - 2009

Wow. What a weekend? If you haven’t heard the news about ‘The 27th Annual Golden Joystick Awards’, where have you been? Girl Gamers UK were awarded ‘Press Accreditation’ for this particular event in which we could broadcast live from the awards as it happened. Hopefully bringing you the nominations and winners from the gaming industry to your attention. This allowed us to celebrate and invite you into the industry’s favourite event.

The Joysticks are the number one awards that really count by the gaming public with more gamers having a voice in the voting. This year being a record breaking success of votes. To me personally it brings people from the gaming industry together where publishers, developers, and everyone in the gaming industry can exchange their thoughts, feedback and interest in anything video game related.


The gaming industry is growing at such a rate; it’s hard to think that we’ll ever keep up. Yesterday’s newest game soon becomes old news fast. To think how far gaming has come along is truly amazing. How our knowledge and understanding has grown through the gaming industry itself. Not only is game play advancing, but the graphics and attention to detail is improving all the time offering a firm insight in the newest and entertaining video games of today. Gamers need validation when it comes to voting for their favourite games, so that’s where ‘The Golden Joystick Awards’ come into the frame. It provides gamers with a choice to vote.


Throughout the awards we watched as the winners accepted their Golden Joystick Awards. Unveiling the winners brought some surprises along the way. I think some people were very shocked about some of the winners, I know I was. Occasionally some of my predictions were correct although not all of them. Equally surprising was Nintendo’s Game of the year being ‘Call of Duty: World at War’, which even now is a slight shock revelation. I would have never predicted that one to be honest, but if it’s the people’s favourite then who am I to say anything different. That’s one thing I will say about the gaming industry, is that it has a lot of unexpected surprises up its sleeves and the awards verified that in a way.


Moving through the awards we saw funny stand up comedian Sean Lock take to the stage as he shared his comedic humor on the recession, gaming, celebrity mistakes and many more memorable jokes along the way. He had spoken about how the recession had been a tough time for all of us and how we have to try and do our best through the hard times. Admittedly he didn’t know an awful lot about gaming himself, but he showed the lighter side of comedy to display that. He was thoroughly enjoyable to watch and highly entertaining.


Throughout the day we watched as the awards were read out and winners claimed their Golden Joystick. We shared the wonderful news of James Richards in setting the world record for the ‘speed run’ through Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 22 seconds on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


I also had the opportunity also to play some ‘Tekken 6’ and was offered some ‘Tekken 6 Limited Edition Character Cards’ which were really nice. Tekken 6 was great to play and is such a polished game. I’ve never really been a fan of Tekken, but after playing it for a little while I changed my mind rapidly. It has an appeal to it that I could see becoming very addictive.

During my time at the awards there was an opportunity to have a ‘Games Journalism’ discussion which was brilliant and gave an influential insight into gamers and editors, journalists and writing as a whole. It was a chance to have a brief Q&A with Future UK’s editorial staff. This was a small group discussion on how to build your journalistic career and build on the skills you had already gained through writing.


Also a small display was performed by Dee Dhanjal, Senior Remixer for DJ Hero to show us Activison’s new DJ Hero release. To be honest with you, I thought Dee had amazing reflexes as he showed us how to play the game. At one point he had it on expert mode and I was astounded. He was incredibly fast on the deck. Relatively speaking I’m more of a Rock Band, Guitar Hero kind of girl, but it was the first time I had seen an actual display. I have to give credit where credit is due and he was very very good at the game.


During the whole event everyone exchanged stories, feedback, celebrations and even the odd shot of Lucozade Alert. It was a great time that offered everyone from the reader, right up to the publishers and developers an exciting time in the video game industry.


The Awards went amazingly quick, didn’t they? With 15 gamer voted categories to plough through, they did it in a remarkable time. With a luxurious after party at the Hilton on Park Lane we were really spoilt to be honest as the music was turned up a notch and everyone got into the party mood. With champagne flowing, people laughing and smiling you could see everyone was having a fantastic time, and no not everyone was drunk. Coming away from the party with a Golden Joystick Award bag filled with goodies it certainly was a day I wouldn’t ever forget and a golden moment I wanted to cherish forever.

The Golden Joystick Winners:

Family Game Of The Year

Little Big Planet

Handheld Game Of The Year

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Retailer Of The Year


Mobile Game Of The Year

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Nintendo Game Of The Year

Call Of Duty: World At War

Multiplayer Game Of The Year

Call Of Duty: World At War

Soundtrack Of The Year

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Xbox Game Of The Year

Gears Of War 2

PC Game Of The Year

Fallout 3

UK Developer Of The Year



Playstation Game O fThe Year

Killzone 2

Publisher Of The Year

Activision Blizzard

Online Game O f The Year

Left 4 Dead

One To Watch

Modern Warfare 2

Ultimate Game Of The Year

Fallout 3

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Future and Boom for allowing us to participate in this event and providing us with the facilities.

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