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i-eX Gaming Chair Review

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 20 - 2009

All game. No Pain.

If you’re a true gamer at heart then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that we experience that horrible feeling of being uncomfortable when we don’t have the ideal piece of furniture. You’ve been sitting there for hours upon hours on the floor or a really small chair and your not enjoying the whole experience. Most gamers experience that horrible aching that sets in their backs. It does put you off your game, and you want to enjoy your video games without the need for constantly puffing up pillows on the old sofa or fidgeting trying to find a suitable position.

gaming chair

Girl Gamers UK had the chance to experience  the new ‘i-eX Gaming Chair‘ to see if this new chair would offer something new to gamers. Over the years we’ve seen so many gaming chairs that ’say’ they will make a difference to how we sit as we play our games, but not many companies have lived up to this reputation and succeeded. In our opinion, we need to feel comfortable, it’s essential that game players need to feel relaxed. After many hours of gaming here at Girl Gamer Towers we each took it upon ourselves to give this new addition to our tower the full experience of what it’s like to sit on the i-eX Gaming Chair.

The i-eX Gaming Chair has a beautiful panelled design. The chair itself is filled with foam panels, to hold the shape and beans (not baked). Tis gives the gamer the chance to mould the seat to their own prefernce.It gives gamers full back and neck support and believe us when we say it was absolutely fantastic. Our chair was made out of black faux leather which was brilliant. Ideal colour for gamers who are a little bit hazardous with their fizzy drinks as we try to balance  a controller in one hand and a half a pepsi in the other. We love the fact that it’s wipe clean. It’s got a great feel to it and is soft to the touch.

gaming chair 2

The fact that it moulds so well as you sit yourself in it makes it simply a desirable piece of gaming furniture. You know how you get bean bags and after a while of sitting on them they seem to end up as a rather deflated pillow, well i-eX gaming chairs are not like that at all. They are perfectly sturdy giving gamers full back support and keeping their intial shape. Not only is your back getting a rest, your arms have too with its contoured side arm support allowing your arms to rest contently.

gaming chair 3

Girl Gamers UK are loving the bucket seat design which is favoured by most gamers. It’s design is perfect and pleasing to the eye. A nice green or silver piping line runs around the outline of the chair giving it a fashionable edge. A nice i-eX gaming logo sits on the front of the seat , which was great.

Visually it’s a stunning chair which we reckon every gamer should have in their home or office. The i-eX gaming chair needs a lot of room as it’s quite large. We reckon most gamers will be fighting to sit on this first. We recommend you need around 4 square feet to have this chair in a comfortable position. Standing at nearly a meter tall it requires quite a lot of space.


Girl Gamers UK believes this is the most comfortable chair we’ve ever have experienced. Most gaming chairs are filled up with speakers and unnecessary gadgets which doesn’t focus on comfort. This man sized chair does gives back gamers the comfort they need for hours and hours of gaming. The one essential part we noticed is that the back and neck support was terrific. We did not want to get out of it. Size really does matter when you’re looking for the ultimate comfort. We could relax and recline without the fear of falling off and the fact that it retained it’s shape throughout.

i-eX gaming chairs have been thoroughly tested so that the chair is the perfect choice for gamers, making this a worthwhile investment for video game players. After you purchase this product, you’ll never look back. This chair feels like it’s actually hugging you, it’s a wonderful experience. Light weight and maneuverable it’s the ideal option as it only weighs in at 6.0kg. Great quality for only £99.00.

The i-eX gaming chair is available here




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