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Ju-On: The Grudge

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 26 - 2009

Ju- On The Grudge, developed by FeelPlus and published by Rising Star Games, is based on the classic horror movie ‘Ju-On: The Grudge. This Japanese horror adventure is a ‘Haunted House Simulator’game of sorts and I played it on the Nintendo Wii. It highlights instant scares over other horror games which don’t always have the same effect. Guiding the Wii remote as your trusty flashlight players can move forward with a simple touch of the button and explore all the haunted areas such as an abandoned warehouse, a rather dimly lit hospital and a mannequin factory. The story revolves around the Yamada Family.

Although the game specifies it’s a haunted house simulator, I didn’t find any weapons that cause some horrific effects. Ju-On tries to tell you a story that simply wants to scare you and then scare you one more time. I found the flashlight worked effectively allowing a small light to depict the flashlight. The flashlight does hold some element of surprise and suspense and if you run out of batteries, then it’s game over for you.


The game play is basic and simple as you search around for certain items in order for you to progress through the game. There are also some cool mini game type sequences which need you to create certain motions in order for you to escape danger. Unfortunately I found there were no check points to return to, but due to the amount of scares you get from the game, then it can be more forgiving. I did find the game very slow and a little responsive at times. It felt a bit clumsy at times as the precision wasn’t well defined enough with the wii remote. Overall the game was going to a much slower pace than I usually deal in.


The Multiplayer is slightly limited. A second person can jump in and grab a wii remote and it’s basically to scare one another. The other player can set up scares mapped to their button on their remote which is quite fun in co op mode, especially if you are not expecting it. These are just pop up screens that appear. Graphically the game had great lighting and some nice characters. Although the game provides a spooky and creepy atmosphere, the controls system just seemed far too clumsy for me. The sound effects and music are average helping players to absorb themselves into the storyline. The game delivers some great scares, but the game play was slightly frustrating which affected my review.


The game follows the family of five that comes under the evil eye of Ju-On ghosts. There are many ghoulish ghosts, who make some rather strange noises, that want to kill you. It’s down to you at the end of the day to keep your character alive to the next level. My flashlight ran out of batteries many times which meant I have not searched the level hard enough for more. The game is a short one as I moved through level upon level quite easily. The game also offers a rating which shows how strong you are and allows players to do an instant courage test whenever you feel like it. This game feels more aimed towards casual gamers than hardcore gamers as it really doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything but scare you slightly. Throughout the game you have to escape the curse, or solve a mystery that surrounds it. There are lots of keys and hints to progress through the game and they are scattered through a selection of rooms with a glowing symbol.




There are five different episodes where you can play and experience the fear. Each episode you have to do a great deal of exploring. It should take you about 30 minutes to complete each section. It’s very easy to get stuck in the dark with just your flashlight guiding you, but you must find all the items scattered throughout each of the stages in order to reach the final episode. Comparing this to games such as silent hill, I feel that Ju-On the Grudge will succeed in giving you some good scares, but what it’s lacking in is deep gameplay. It might be an ideal game for Halloween time, but for me it didn’t live up to the expectations of being a real horror game.




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