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Lips: Number One Hits

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 11 - 2009

Lips: Number One Hits is another one of those karaoke games that allows players to rock out to the latest and their favourite hits. Published by Microsoft, the game is available on the Xbox 360. Sing to your hearts content as you try and race to the top of the charts. With so many of these music games out there competing with with the likes of Band Hero, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and many many more, it’s hard to decide what you’re going to rock out to.

Game play is the same if you’ve played the original. The menu allows you to choose your lips profile, it allows players to add songs, sing along in the freestyle section and the sing section. The sing section has all the hits and you can even import songs from the original game as well. Once you’ve chosen your song from the vast selection you can play in single/versus or duet modes. The videos from the songs can be viewed from an original video of the song, or a virtual music one. I always seemed to go for the original because I liked them better.


As I said the game is the same as the original and once you have selected your chosen song and start singing or in my case, signing like a local alley cat then you’re off to a flying start. You can earn six medals which are included for Pitch, Rhythm, performance, party, technique and stability. The star stream allows you to gain more from your performance by giving you additional points.

The interface looks similar to the original as well and has not had much of an upgrade. It’s easy to navigate and explanations are concise so you don’t get lost. Sound wise I thought it was brilliant compared to the original lips game.

The two wireless microphones are great as they light up and give you that rock star factor. With the motion wireless microphones you’ve got everything you need for that great performance. I liked the way you’re avatar mimics your moves with this game because it makes it a little more realistic.

Selecting duet is great for teaming up with friends. You can trigger star stream as a duo to double your stars and it’s a lot of fun. With the virtual Music videos you can allow your backstage to look like a nightclub. Singing with this game is very easy and I’ve sailed through so much of it already. As you sing the pitch waves pass over the chart bubbles displayed on the screen. You just have to be quite good at matching your singing to the timing and pitch of that track to fill the chart bubbles. There are noise makers through the game which are icons that appear, all you have to do is shake your mic as the pitch wave passes over it.

This was pretty simple really. Gestures are another cool avatar idea where it gives your singing session a little extra. Once your avatar appears on screen you more or less have to copy their movements in order to gain points. The star stream allows players to tilt up their mic up once to activate the star stream to collect stars. The more stars you collect, the faster you progress to the grand rank. Although I love this idea, I found that my microphone wasn’t as receptive as I thought it could be or I had really bad timing. You have to fill in each chart bubble to increase your combo multiplier. With all the singing you’re going to be doing with this game and I have the sore throat to prove it, you can work your way up the rankings. Lips displays rankings through the selection of scoreboards. Sing enough, and you can win a prize cup. I’ve already won a load of them, so that was good.

The game makes you feel very successful. At the end of the day this is karaoke game about accuracy to gain them precious medals. It’s not just about yelling your lungs out down the microphone; you’ve got to move your body a bit. I know, it’s embarrassing, but just make sure all your friends and family are out of the way. Or if you do have cool friends, they may just want to grab a microphone and join in. It’s very simple that way. There is the occasional embarrassing song that may crop up, but that’s to be expected in these games.

In the sing section you can download the latest tunes and maybe look at some you may have not purchased. A hot track allows players to check out what’s hot at the lips store. In freestyle you can customize your Lips sessions by singing along to your own personal tracks from your music collection. From the Xbox dashboard, add songs from your favourite CD’s to your Xbox 360 hard drive. You can even plug your supported music player into a USB port on your Xbox 360 console, and then select USB in freestyle. Sync your Xbox 360 console to your computer through your home network, and then select media player if you have one. So many options and so many choices to select from. Connect up with friends to get all competitive and trade challenges to see who can make it to the top of the charts. If you’ve liked the original then I have no doubt in my mind that you’re like this one too. A nice selection of songs ranging across so many different genres there’s bound to be something for everyone. I simply loved it and it was great to play.




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