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MySims Agents Review (Wii)

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 1 - 2009

The Chibi, bobble-headed MySims are back, and this time they are indulging in some secret agent styled fun. Get your magnifying glasses out and enjoy MySims Agents.

The MySims games, published by EA,  have always been targeted towards the younger audience, with their cute, colourful graphics, whimsical sounds and relatively simple gameplay. But that has not stopped me from enjoying these games. Being a big fan of the sims, I found the MySims games to offer a light and enjoyable distraction from the rigours of making sure that my Sim got up for work in the morning. MySims Agents is no exception, bringing the gameplay that we love from the other MySim games into a new environment, investigation, espionage and saving the world from an evil genius.


The game starts as all of the others do, with the creation of your character. Choose the look, clothing and even voice of your MySim and then venture out into the world. A large city awaits, full of puzzles to solve and mysteries to reveal.

The player starts the game as a part-time detective, spending your spare time solving neighbourhood mysteries. During one particular case, you come across an adversary with a maniacal laugh, the evil genius, Morcubus. This guy is the head of Morcucorp, and has dastardly plans in motion. At this point in the game, your MySim is recruited into the Sim Protection Agency and tasked with taking down Morcucorp.


From the moment of your recruitment, you are given access to the HQ, a five storey building that you have complete control over. Decorate the building however you want, with new objects becoming available as you play through the missions and side quests. You will also be able to hire junior agents and have them work at finding clues or solving cases on your behalf.


The missions and side quests take on a number of different forms. A lot of time will be spent tracking down certain characters and talking to them, in order to get the information you need. There is an ever increasing collection of tools to aid you in your quest for the truth, such as the faithful magnifying glass for following footsteps, or the crowbar for interacting with machinery. These may seem pretty basic, but there are a lot more interesting gadgets to come. There are a few mini games that are triggered by certain action, such as analyzing chemicals or hacking electronics.Also there are even some small platform based sections, involving moving some blocks and leaping around.


The gameplay of MySims Agents is relatively simple and can be picked up quickly by all but the youngest of players. The use of the Wii’s special control method is not exactly groundbreaking, but it fits in well with the game. Many Wii games seem to try and involve the motion controls unnecessarily, resulting in a below par gameplay experience. MySims Agents has kept it simple and not tried to do anything too fancy. This results in a solid experience without any complications.

For pre-teens this game should entertain for many, many hours. Sadly, for older people, MySims Agents feels like it is the simplest of the MySim games. The puzzles are easy and, should you become stuck, the journal will explain what to do next. Also the gameplay is very repetitive.


Graphically, the game contains the expected amount of cuteness. It is really bright and colourful, as you would expect. The animations also run smoothly, with wonderful facial expressions and gestures from the various MySims. The audio has a whimsical upbeat tone to it, and the Simlish language that is often spouted by the characters in the game is adorable.


MySims Agents is a solid adventure game, featuring a cute setting and an interesting story. Although maybe too simple for the experienced gamer, younger gamers will enjoy this title immensely.




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  1. Mariowii Said,

    This game is very good, I have played it for a long time and it never gets bored!
    Good review, and i hope to read more reviews of wii games.

    Posted on April 1st, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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