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SingStar Take That (PS3)

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 23 - 2009

SingStar Take That developed by Sony is the perfect game for those who love any songs that are sung by the Take That band.  Apart from the change in wallpaper and songs it’s more or less the same as the first title, just with the game being dedicated to Take That songs.

SingStar Take That brings you all the old and original titles straight forward to their present day songs allowing players to be absorbed in a whole host of songs stretching the band’s popular and successful career. There are 25 songs on the disc which includes  love songs to their modern day titles. The range of songs will appeal to all Take That fans who have followed their career which enables players to choose from classic songs like ‘Everything Changes  but you’ to  ‘A million Love Songs’. There’s something for everyone with this vast selection.

The usual features still remain on the disc which enables players to use voice control over selected songs. I’m not sure why but I found that my voice appeared quieter most of the time and the background track was slightly overwhelming. It took some time to adjust the settings which allowed my voice to be balanced with the song. Although I could keep up with the rhythm of most of the songs, some of them were a bit difficult. You need lots of practice to get the tone and pitch exactly right. Players also have the option of uploading videos to Sing Star online and even sing songs that you may have downloaded.. The menus are easy to navigate through and are more or less self explanatory.


Players can sing alone or even have the option of singing head to head in a battle. Game play is simple as you try and match the on screen pitch and try and score more points than your opponent. Concentrating hard and trying not to annoy the neighbours with my hopeless singing I tried hard to match the horizontal bars which defines your pitch, the lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen and the song’s music clip happily plays in the background.


You don’t have to be an expert singer, you just have to match the fluctuating pitch which proved difficult at times. Sometimes it would be very hard to match the lower tones of a song. There were some Take That songs I didn’t even recognize and that was even worse if you didn’t know the actual tune and words of the song. I found myself merrily humming a lot of the time. I’m so glad it was in the privacy of my own home as I don’t think I could live it down.


Sing Star Take That is packed with songs that will pull on your heart strings and have you delivering a great performance. I loved the fact that the Sing Star wireless microphones came in a rather cool  bag which was nice. Singing and serenading myself through the songs some of the uplifting songs like ‘Never Forget’ brought back memories of Take That in their chart topping years. Whether you’re a big Take That fan or not, there are songs on here from their early days right up to their latest performances. Something for everyone tastes.


The media Gallery allows for video playbacks and for you to capture your own snap shots and a chance for audio playbacks. The online mode allows you to purchase songs from the Sing Star Store in which there is a wide variety to choose from.

Overall Sing Star Take That is a great karaoke game that allows you to have a very enjoyable time as long as you don’t mind being a little bit embarrassed by singing down the microphone in the middle of your living room. The disc not only includes some of their earlier work, it also allows you to sing along with their greatest hits. Another cool option on this game is that you can voice activate the songs so you can choose them from the menu with the power of your voice. This is the ideal game for those fans who adore Take That and a great game to play with friends.



Here is the song list from the disc:

1. “A Million Love Songs”
2. “Babe”
3. “Back For Good”
4. “Beautiful World”
5. “Could It Be Magic”
6. “Do What U Like”
7. “Everything Changes”
8. “Greatest Day”
9. “Hold Up A Light
10. “I’d Wait for Life”
11. “It Only Takes a Minute”
12. “Love Ain’t Here Anymore”
13. “Never Forget”
14. “Once You’ve Tasted Love”
15. “Patience”
16. “Pray”
17. “Promises”
18. “Reach Out”
19. “Relight My Fire”
20. “Rule the World”
21. “Said It All”
22. “Shine”
23. “Sure”
24. “Up All Night”
25. “Why Can’t I Wake Up With You”

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