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Elven Legacy: Magic Review

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 21 - 2009

It’s a kind of magic, y’know!

Elven Legacy: Magic represents the final installment of the trilogy of add-ons for Elven Legacy and is published by Paradox Interactive. These add-ons have been released in quick succession and the previous two would have certainly kept the fans busy, leaving no time to rest in between. But all good things must come to an end, and Magic is the last of the trilogy, so players that are struggling to keep up will be able to breath a sigh of relief and maybe take their time. So much has happened in the world, and its not over yet.


A wave of demonic magical energy is sweeping the world, following the events that wrapped up Siege. This energy is affecting the mages of the world and sending them insane. As always, it will be down to the player to stem the tide of this madness and perhaps even save the world.

The game introduces a new character, the archmage supreme, Alfred Brennock. There are also a couple of old characters that return for this game, giving a total of three playable characters. However, as the name does indicate, the main focus of this particular expansion is magic.


There are fifteen new missions in the campaign and a whole host of new skills, runes and spells. Some of these spells are truly epic and, besides being able to turn the tide of battle, look suitably impressive. For all of the completists out there, you will be pleased to hear of the inclusion of a bonus mission that will wrap up all of the loose ends in Elven Legacy and even Fantasy Wars.


Nothing has really changed with the graphics and gameplay since the last expansion, for better or worse. These expansions are more about the deep and involving storyline, than improving the game. Realisticly, there would not be much to improve without completely remaking the game from scratch, as these expansions have constantly pushed the capabilities of the Elven Legacy game to its limits. One can only hope for a sequel.

One disappointment, for me anyway, is that the difficulty level is, again, set to high. Ranger got my hopes up, with its friendliness towards newcomers, then siege returned to the difficulty of the basic game, and even turned it up a few notches. Magic has followed Sieges lead here and continues to be a difficult game. The hardcore fans will be pleased at this, and maybe it is the wrong place in the series for newcomers to drop in, but it was still disappointing.


Elven Legacy: Magic is a suitable finale for the Elven Legacy series. It offers great value for money, as you will get a lot of gameplay out of this, and wraps up the story nicely. If you have played the previous two expansions, then you would be a fool not to get this one.



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