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Hyperballoid HD Review (PS3)

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 21 - 2009

Breaking bricks is a way of life.

Hyperballoid HD is developed by iSquared Games and published by Alawar Entertainment and is available on the PS3 through the PSN for a bargain price of £3.19


Those who have been playing video games for a while will instantly recognise this game to be of the brick breaking variety. My introduction to this sub-genre of casual games was Arkanoid, many years ago. There have been many other games of this type over the years, appearing on nearly every platform, and Hyperballoid HD represents the newest addition to the family.

The game has a very simple concept. The screen is littered with bricks and the player must bounce a ball from a small, moveable platform to hit these bricks and destroy them. Should the ball fall through the bottom of the screen, the player loses a life. Once all of the bricks are destroyed, the level is complete and the player moves on. But nothing is ever that simple.


In contrast to the majority of brick breaking games, this one has moving bricks. The patterns of the bricks move around the screen on a set path, making hitting a particular brick far more difficult. Add to that the fact that some bricks require more than one hit to destroy them and it becomes apparent that some serious precision will be required.


But do not fear, fellow gamer, as some of the bricks will drop power ups to help you. These powerups will fall from their bricks and must be caught by your platform, which can be difficult sometimes if they fall away from where the ball is heading. These powerups provide such assistance as guns, that attach to your platform and allow you to shoot the bricks, or a shield along the bottom of the screen that gives you a second chance to catch the ball and not lose a life. There are even multiple balls that can take out the bricks and provide some seriously frantic gameplay. Beware though, not all powerups are your friends. Some may just make the ball start acting crazy and cause no end of trouble.


The game is simple to pick up and play. Graphically, it certainly looks adequate. Don’t be expecting the next evolution of graphical greatness here. But for the type of game this is, the graphics do the job. The controls are easy to use, given mostly that you need only move left and right, speed up and occasionally shoot, and respond well.

There are two distinct themes, and each theme has fifty levels, making a total of one hundred levels to play through. This gives the player plenty of variety to keep them coming back for more. Whilst the more hardcore gamers amongst us may yearn for a game with a bit more going on, casual gamers will find this game a delight.


Value for money are the key words here. For the asking price, you get a great game with plenty of levels and enough entertainment to keep the casual gamer happy for ages. The more seasoned gamer may, however, get bored after a while.




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