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LEGO Rock Band Review (Xbox360)

Posted by TurtleGirl On December - 16 - 2009

Love your studs, Love LEGO Rock Band

LEGO Rock Band merges together two of the most famous video game franchises together to offer players a cool and exciting family friendly experience to all ages from teens to family. Players can enjoy embarking on the music career ladder to rock stardom.


I’ve always been a fan of LEGO and then combine that with Rock Band and what you have is the perfect video game. In LEGO Rock Band on the Xbox 360, players can fully experience the fun and challenging tracks that this title has to offer. Starting off the game you get to ‘Build a Band’ which can be fun as you customize your LEGO figure with the vast selection of different heads, hair, bodies, legs and instruments to fully accommodate your LEGO mini figure. I had quite a lot of fun in this area to be honest because there was so much to choose from.


Once you have customized your LEGO mini figure you can then go on to choose whether you wish to play the game in story mode or free play. In free play mode you can choose a venue to play from straightaway. There is also a training mode which offers tutorials and a practice mode and drum trainer.


In the options mode you can calibrate your guitar, which I did but found when I went to play the game, my guitar still seemed out of sync, so I just went back to the original settings. Browsing through the menu I noticed the Music store where you can download new releases, song packs, and albums. I also got a free download from this area called ‘Dreaming of Love’. The only thing I did find was that you couldn’t hear a small intro of each track, which would of been handy when making the decision to download and buy new songs.


Those of you familiar to Rock Band know that it’s a great rhythm game but they have incorporated LEGO into it. This game has an amazing feel to it as the quirky and hilarious LEGO figures are dancing and rocking out in the background  which always brings such a smile to my face. As you go ‘On Tour’ you can visit the areas around the LEGO game which include the LEGO Rock Power Challenges in which you have to perform amazing feats such as battling  it out against a giant octopus. The scenes from that were hilarious and was made even funnier by a baby octopus auditioning to become a rock star. There are many challenges you face in this game including summoning  a storm to demolish a skyscraper. All of this was done by how well you performed on the instruments in time for the music.


Another hilarious and extremely funny challenge which had me in stitches is when you have to chase out ghosts from a mansion to the theme of the ‘Ghostbusters’ track. That was brilliant, even though it was hard to concentrate with the comedy of the game taking place in the background. This was one of the best and funniest highlights as you try to evacuate the building from the ghosts causing trouble.


The selection of tracks was great and by completing the songs you will then be rewarded with LEGO studs. Did I tell you I love Studs?. Anyhow, when you have obtained enough LEGO studs you need to purchase cool vehicles such as a camper Van, mini bus. speedboat, chopper and so on as these help you to unlock other venues so you need to purchase these in order to progress through the game. I managed to accumulate  many LEGO studs throughout the game. Not only are they to purchase the next levels of the games, you can also buy accessories for your mini figure and there is the option to buy equipment to set up your own den with the cool furniture that is unlocked through the game.


I truly loved all the LEGO mini figures jamming and rocking on stage. The appearance of ‘David Bowie’ in LEGO form was terrific as he sang his famous song ‘Let’s Dance’ . Another iconic character was ‘Freddie Mercury’ singing ‘We will rock you’, other artists include Iggy Pop and Blur, how much LEGO fun can you have?. The game has various settings from super easy to expert mode, but even if your not so great with hitting the notes, you can gain LEGO studs as there is a slight no fail mechanism offered to players who are not so precise on the notes which gives you a few studs to collect. The game offers a 45 song set, but if that does not indulge your LEGO passion, you can always go to the music store and download some more songs. It was a shame there was no online multiplayer mode because I felt this function would have allowed more opportunities for the game.


Visually  the game is stunning and well polished and Harmonix and MTV Games have produced an excellent game with bright and colourful animation that brings this game to life offering players a nice vast range of music from all different genres, there are some great challenges to get you into the LEGO rock mood and a good range of vehicles to take your band from the small stage to the ultimate chart topping stadium. This game is a ‘must have’ for LEGO and Rock Band fans everywhere. Grab an instrument, sing to your heart’s content, LEGO has it all.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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